How to Beat Abiding Defender Kyra & Lirenne in Lords of the Fallen

After defeating the Hollow Crow boss in Lords of the Fallen and unlocking access to the upper Pilgrim’s Perch area, chances are you’ll come across a nice open looking area containing a chest front and center. If Souls games have taught you anything, it’s that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In this case it’s a trap and a boss fight all in one! It’s the Abiding Defender Kyra and Lirenne boss fight, and in this guide we’ll be covering how to beat them in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) and what you get for doing so.

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How to Beat the Abiding Defender Kyra and Lirenne Bosses in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)

Upon entering the area surrounded by what looks like suits of armor, the two closest to the entrance will spring to life kicking off the side boss fight with Abiding Defenders Kyra and Lirenne. They are big two handed sword users and will also cast Radiant spells. Their sword swings are slow and easy to dodge for the most part, just watch out for the stabbing attack which has a charge up and can catch you off-guard. Both Kyra and Lirenne can enchant their weapons with Radiant magic which will allow them to do much more damage if they connect with you.

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Once you down one of the two Defenders, don’t celebrate too quickly. They won’t die, but will instead kneel down and stay there. If the other is still healthy and running around swinging, soon after they will head over to the downed one and heal them, which is a real pain. You can get a whole bunch of attacks in while they are doing so however as they will be completely vulnerable during that animation. The goal is to try and get one Defender down to lower health and then take out the other. This will give you enough time to finish the job before the downed Defender can be revived. Once both of them become downed, they will glow and then collapse and fade away.

What Drops You Get for Beating Kyra and Lirenne

You’ll be rewarded with the Luminous Abiding Defender Grand Sword, Abiding Defender Leg Wrappings Armor, a Vestige Seed and the Divine Arms Radiant spell, which is the one they were casting during the fight. The sword is particularly powerful, with a base scaling C- in Strength and Radiant attributes. It’s heavy and requires 29 in both attributes to wield, but it certainty rewards the investment. Dealing both Physical and Radiant damage as well as having a massive 250 Bleed stat. Upgrade this bad boy, and you’ll be smiting down anything and everything with ease!

Don’t forget to loot the chest as well which contains the much less impressive Flail of Wisdom weapon. That’s all there is to dealing with the Abiding Defenders Kyra and Lirenne in Lords of the Fallen.

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