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How to Beat the Strider Boss in Armored Core 6

Early on in the game, you'll come across this massive colossus of a boss. Here's how to beat the Strider boss in Armored Core 6.

There are some really cool and unique boss fights throughout Armored Core 6. An early example is the gigantic desert walking AT-AT style mech called a Strider, which is the second boss of the game. There are some parts of this encounter that are tricky, but for the most part it’s not too bad if you know what to do. So lets cover how to beat the Strider boss in Armored Core 6.

How to Take Down the Strider Boss in Armored Core 6

The start of the mission is actually one of the most difficult parts of the fight. It will likely catch many people off guard. As you enter the mission, you’ll be told to make your way through the sandstorm brewing in front of you. As you start heading through it you’ll encounter some standard grunt mechs. As you’re shooting them, you’ll then get hit out of nowhere by a giant laser beam followed by a barrage of missiles. These all cause a ton of stagger and will chunk you down fast. This is not the situation you want to get yourself into.

Instead you should follow these steps:

Reaching the Strider Boss

  • Try and spot the outline of the Strider through the sand. Just picture a big AT-AT-like walker and you’ll see it. Use your big boost (click down the thumbstick) and head straight towards the back of it. Completely ignore ant grunt units on the ground.
  • When you see some bright blue light appear towards the front of the Strider, save some boost. It will fire it’s beam at you and you’ll want to dash to the side to avoid it.
  • Continue on until you reach the back of the actual Strider.

AC6 Reach the Strider, take down it's leg

Disabling the Strider Boss

  • You’ll be instructed to take down it’s leg. Fly up by the indicator on the leg and fire at the glowing vent to destroy it.
  • You’ll now be able to use the back left side of the Strider as a ramp after it falls down. Follow the waypoints to find the rest of the vents to take out.
  • Be careful with your boost meter here, because if you run out you’ll fall. Position yourself right next to the vent before flying out to shoot it and then quickly come back to land.
  • Repeat this for the rest of the vents around the Strider. When you have to make your way over the top, be careful of the eye. Take cover and wait for it to shoot it’s beam, then proceed.

Take down the vents AC6

Taking Down the Strider Boss

  • Once all the vents have been taken out head back up top.
  • Here you’ll face off against the laser beam shooting eye of the Strider. Make use of cover and make your way closer.
  • Eventually you’ll run out of cover but will be close enough to start shooting the eye.
  • Manage your boost carefully to dash away from the laser bursts. Make your way right up to the eye and use rockets and shoot it as you do so.
  • Once you’re nice and close go in your a double melee hit combo. This will deal a ton of damage and stagger it.
  • Once it’s vulnerable give it some more rockets and gun fire. Use your melee again once it’s off cooldown.
  • Dodge blasts when you can and use your kits to heal if you take a bunch of damage.
  • A few rounds of melee, rockets and gun fire will take it down completely!

Destroy the eye AC6

Now all you’ll need to do is jump off the side of the Strider when you’re told to. Boost away and then look back as the Strider comes crumbling down! That’s how to defeat the Strider boss in Armored Core 6. Overall not too tough of a boss and you get some sweet new laser weapons unlocked to buy afterwards!

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