How to Complete Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2

Get ready for the hardest non-exotic quest in Echoes. Here’s how to complete the Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to Enigma Protocol Log

Once you’ve completed the main quest, Encoded Log, given to you by Failsafe in the H.E.L.M., you’ll gain access to Enigma Protocol. This quest is a great source for prisms and Ascendant Alloy, though it starts at light level 2000+. Here’s how to complete it.

Once you’ve found Enigma Protocol through the Encoded Log quest, you’ll be able to start this mission any time from the H.E. LM. Enigma Protocol is fairly straightforward. Each section is timed, with most labyrinth sections giving you one minute. Failing to get through the gate to the next section in time will cause the mission to restart. You can shoot yellow pyramids hidden around each level to add 30 seconds to your timer or weaken enemies for 30 seconds. These pyramids are almost always hidden in odd spots, so as you progress through the labyrinth, be sure to periodically turn around and check. The pyramid spawn locations are static.

The first section is a straight shot, requiring you to jump across a few platforms and through a portal, past the Vex.

The next section requires you to pick up a charge, which looks like a ball, and then stand in a pool of light. This will slowly charge the ball, though the pool of light will periodically move. Once the bar on the left side of the screen of the ball-holder is filed, take the charge to the station where you claimed the ball at the start of the level. Only one person needs to hold a ball, so the other two guardians should be dedicated mob clearers.

When that’s done, a transporter will power on to the left side of the arena, which you can take to the next labyrinth section. Complete the labyrinth. If you ever get stuck, look up. You’ll likely find the platform you need.

The next encounter will require you to kill nine harpies in impenetrable barriers. To do this, kill three marked Goblins who will drop balls when they die. Pick up the ball and throw them at the harpies with barriers to automatically kill them. Do this three times to summon a portal to the next labyrinth section. The Goblins spawn first in the middle, then on the left, and finally on the right. A Timekeeper harpy will spawn after the portal opens on the left side if you want an additional 30 seconds.

When the next labyrinth section is complete, you’ll find yourself at a sparrow-racing section. There are really no threats here, just have a good time speeding your way down the vex highway. When you reach the end, aim for the glowing star at the end of the track and you’ll portal into the safe zone.

Only one person needs to interact with the green icon beside the portal to start the next section. When we all interacted with it, we exploded and had to restart the mission.

The next section just requires you to platform and survive your enemies before you reach the portal at the end.

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When you make your way through the platforming segment, you’ll find yourself at the next encounter. This encounter is straightforward. You’ll see a vex structure in the center, which has pink growths on it. These pink growths, which look like strawberries, will drop purple pyramids that are supposedly Golden Age Data. Each one of these pyramids you pick up will count towards your fireteams total. You’ll need 20 in all, and dying doesn’t matter. The strawberries will periodically respawn, though the best way to handle this section is to have a guardian stationed on each side of the structure so they can quickly pop the strawberry and cause them to respawn on the other section.

When 20 pyramids have been picked up, jump through the portal to start the last platforming section. This one is a little harder, as it’s both long and it has traps, like wires and vanishing platforms. But if you get through it in time, you’ll find yourself in the boss’ room.

The boss has a massive health bar, and this section is timed. Everything you’ve done to increase your time up to now will have an effect. Good luck!

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