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How to Complete The In-Isa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sees the return of shrines. And, as in Breath of the Wild, they put Link’s and your abilities to the test. The In-Isa Shrine is not the hardest shrine in the game, but it has at least one point where you may find yourself scratching your head. So, if you want to know how to complete the In-Isa shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, we have the solution.

What Ability Is Hidden Inside The In-Isa Shrine

The In-Isa shrine is where you acquire the Fuse ability, which lets you attach materials to weapons. As soon as you step into the shrine, Rauru will give you this ability. But you can’t just leave, you have to use this new object-melding skill to complete the shrine.

Where Is The In-Isa Shrine?

If you’ve not yet found the shrine, it’s in the southwest corner of Great Sky Island. You can see it on the map below. There’s a pretty big lake in your way, so you’ll need to use the Ultrahand ability to combine a couple of logs. Then, attach a sail and let the wind carry you across the lake. If you don’t have Ultrahand yet, you’ll need to clear the Ukouh Shrine first.

Location of the In-Isa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

A short distance into the shrine you’ll encounter a large stone barrier that you need to break. There’s a sword in the ground near a boulder — and they’ve been left there for a reason. 

You need to fuse the boulder with a weapon. While you can use a sword, a stick will also do. I went for the latter because there was no way I was wasting a big, head-divorcing sword on a puzzle. 

Once you’ve got your boulder-weapon, use it to attack the stone barrier. It’ll crumble, letting you progress to the next area. 

How Do You Get Past the Locked Door?

The next obstacle in your way is a small locked door. It won’t shift, no matter how much you smack it. Instead, you’ve got to head to the side room where you’ll see a box, high up on the wall. It’s on a wooden platform, surrounded by plant growth, and you have to burn it to bring it down.

Luckily, there are some fire fruit trees in the same room, so strip them bare. Then, fuse the fire fruit with your arrows (here’s how to fuse items with arrows) and fire them at the plant material around the chest. This will set the platform on fire, and the chest will fall. You can now grab the key and open the door in the main room.

How Do You Beat The Shrine Boss?

Before you can complete the In-Isa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, there are a couple more things to do. Firstly, you’ve got to beat the shrine boss. Luckily, it’s a fairly easy battle. The only thing to watch out for is its stone club, which can do some real damage. 

If you’re feeling confident you can wade in, but dispatching it with arrows is less likely to get you hurt. I used what was left of my fire fruit on the boss, not because it was more effective (the boss is made of metal and stone) but because it looked damn cool. 

Once the boss is down, there’s one more stone barrier to smash. You should still have your boulder club but, if not, make another one using the boulder on the floor. Now, smash the barrier, head up the stairs and you’ve finished the shrine.

And that’s how you complete Tears of the Kingdom’s In-Isa Shrine. Now get out there and attach things to wooden sticks! If you’re having trouble with the shrine, you can find out how to improve Link’s stats or check out our full range of guides to help you make you way through this latest version of Hyrule.

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