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How to Craft and Use Elixirs in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 elixir crafting

Diablo 4 introduces new gathering and crafting systems to the series. One of the best new additions that can be easily missed or overlooked is the ability to gather herbs to process into Elixirs. These Elixirs can net you some incredibly useful effects, last for a good amount of time, and, best of all, they all offer a small but welcome experience bonus while in effect. But how do you craft and use Elixirs in Diablo 4?

Here’s How to Craft Elixirs in Diablo 4

Early on in your Diablo 4 playthrough, the game will let you know that you can click on various crops of herbs and fungi. Doing so will pop some herbs or fungi onto the ground for you to gather up. You can even do this while mounted without having to dismount which speeds up gathering once you unlock mounts. I would recommend you gather herbs every time you notice them near you.

Once you’ve got a bunch of herbs, it’s time to pay a visit to your local Alchemist. My favorite one to visit is Veroka, towards the bottom of Kyovashad. On the second tab is where you’ll find the list of all the possible Elixirs to craft. Some will require materials that you gain from killing various monsters as well as the gathered herbs, so you’ll naturally accumulate those over time as well.

Diablo 4 Elixirs alchemist location Veroka in Kyovashad

Make whichever Elixirs you have the materials for at the moment. If you’re just short of certain ingredients, head over to the third tab where you can Refine Resources. You’ll be able to Refine certain herbs for others which will help you craft more of the Elixirs you want.

Now That You Have Elixirs, Here’s How to Use Them

Once you’ve crafted up a batch of Elixirs, you’ll next need to know how to use them. Open up your inventory and click on the Consumables tab next to the Equipment tab down the bottom of the window. Here you’ll find all your Elixirs and you can simply right click to use them. They all typically last for 30 minutes and grant 5% increased experience, as well as a main stat boosting effect. You should be using these every 30 minutes to get the most experience possible as you level up in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 using elixirs

That’s all there is to crafting and using Elixirs in Diablo 4. Now get out there and gather some herbs to make as many of these bad boys as you can. You’ll want all the experience you can get as you level through Sanctuary.

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