Tears of the Kingdom Flame-Emitter Shield

How to Create a Flame-Emitter Shield in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the sky’s the limit when it comes to being able to use Link’s new fusing power. Fuse a stick to a stick to get a longer, stronger stick, sure! Fuse a boulder to a sword to get a boulder sword, you bet! What if I told you that you could have something even better than a super long whacking stick and it even shoots fire. Your enemies will be hoping there’s a good burn ward at the nearest hospital with this one. Here’s how to create a Flame-Emitter Shield in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Getting the Ingredients to Make a Flame-Emitter Shield in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

One of my favorite creations so far in Tears of the Kingdom is the Flame-Emitter Shield. I’ve been having a blast setting everyone on fire simply by using my shield as a flamethrower. It’s something that is easy to make early on and incredibly effective against a whole variety of enemies, making it a great early game weapon — even though it’s only using your shield.

To make it, you need a Flame Emitter. You can try to get lucky and find one lying around the world, or you can head to your local Zonai gumball machine where you can exchange materials for Zonai devices. By now you’ll have beaten up a fair few Zonai enemies and collected their loot. Dump in your Zonai Charges or Soldier Construct Horns and collect your capsules from the Zonai Device Dispenser.

Tears of the Kingdom Flame Emitter Zonai Device

There are a variety of Zonai Devices that can be spat out by the machine — the results are fairly random and vary by dispenser. Expect a bunch of Fans and Pots before you eventually get a Flame Emitter Zonai Device.

How to Build the Flame-Emitter Shield

Once you get a Flame Emitter, the process is similar to making an axe. Make sure nothing else is attached to your shield — any unfused shield will do — and then select Flame Emitter Zonai Device from your inventory and choose to take it out. Drop it on the ground. Use your fusing ability on it and choose the shield. Boom, a fully functional flamethrower activated by simply bringing your shield guard up.

Tears of the Kingdom Flame-Emitter Shield build

It deals a ton of damage and can be used for a good amount of time before your battery charge needs to recover, but then you’re good to blast away again right after. Be warned that shooting a jet of flame like an unhinged pyromaniac damages your shield, and it will eventually break. Also, fire is dangerous, so be careful. 

That’s how you can create a Flame-Emitter Shield of your very own in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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