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How to Use Device Dispensers in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Device Dispenser

Are you playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and want to get your hands on some cool Zonai technology? Zonai Device Dispensers are just the thing, spitting out huge gacha balls, each containing a single device. But if you don’t know how to use device dispensers in Tears of the Kingdom don’t worry, we’ve got the answer. 

Here’s How to Use Tears of the Kingdom’s Device Dispensers

You can find Zonai Device Dispensers in various locations. The first one I stumbled across was in Tarry Town, after I missed the one on Great Sky Island. The nearby NPC also points out there are dispensers in Karariko Village and Digdogg Bridge. But you will find plenty of these dispensers all over the sky islands. 

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Device Dispenser

So what are they? These dispensers contain Zonai devices (such as fans, wheels, or gliders) sealed inside capsules. These capsules fit neatly in your inventory, meaning you can take multiple devices with you

However, once you open a capsule the device grows to full size and can’t be put back in your inventory. Therefore, only open the capsules when you’re ready to attach them to whatever it is you’re building.

This Is How to Get Capsules Out of Zonai Device Dispensers

To get capsules out of the dispenser, you need to use a Zonai Charge. These are dropped by constructs when you defeat them meaning you’ve probably got a few to hand. And since Tears of the Kingdom’s enemies eventually respawn there’s an unlimited supply of them. 

To get a single device, go into Link’s inventory, select a Zonai Charge and choose “Hold,” like you would do if you were cooking. Then, go over to the bowl in front of the dispenser and drop it in. Link can hold up to five Zonai Charges in his hands at a time, and the more you drop in at once the more capsules you’ll get. 

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Device Dispenser holding Zonai charges

Here’s how many capsules you get per Zonai Charge:

1 charge – 1 capsule

2 charges – 3 capsules

3 charges – 5 capsules

4 charges – 8 capsules

5 charges – 12 capsules

So if you can insert five Zonai Charges in at once, go right ahead. You may well get duplicates — I ended up with more steering wheels than I knew what to do with. 

Additionally, you can use Construct Horns to power the device.

So if you were wondering how to use Zonai Device Dispensers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, that’s what you need to know. Check out our full range of guides if you need more help. 

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