Learning how to dive in Hogwarts Legacy is really easy and straightforward, so here is where to go and what button to press.

While exploring one of Hogwarts’ many surrounding lakes in Hogwarts Legacy, players will find themselves discovering locations to dive for special materials, robes, and even side quest items. And to make the most out of uncovering the secrets of the lake, they will need to learn how to dive.

Learning How to Dive Is Simple to Do in Hogwarts Legacy

When swimming in any of Hogwarts Legacy’s many lakes, you will simply want to swim (or fly if you’re exploring the lake via broom) to a swirling section of lake where diving is possible. Once in position, you can press the dive button, which will be specific to the platform you are playing on. For PlayStation gamers the default should be the Square button. For Xbox press X to dive. And for PC press F to dive.

In the side quest “Lost Astrolabe,” you will also be taught how to dive, as finding an underwater discovery is a major part of the quest line. However, you do not have to start this quest to dive.

So that’s how you dive in the game! For more information about your Hogwarts Legacy swimming options or to learn how to visit Azkaban, we’re here to help.

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