How To Earn Every Hidden Achievement & Trophy In Little Nightmares | Secrets Guide

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Hop on beds, help out in the kitchen, and play a song on the piano — these are the secret achievements / trophies for Little Nightmares. Below, we’ll explain how to unlock them all.

Little Nightmares is pretty light on unlocks. Except for the collectibles — and a very tricky “Hard to the Core” — you’ll unlock most of the achievements / trophies just for completing the game. However, there are three secret challenges found in the game. If you’re hunting for 100% or just want a reason to experience with creepy, incredible little adventure game a second time, keep scrolling to get the details.

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Secret Achievements & Trophies | Unlock Guide

Highly Spring – How to Unlock

Unlock this optional trophy by jumping on the mattress in Chapter 1. Just keep jumping and it will unlock.

Six’s Song – How to Unlock

Escaping the gangly-armed creature and entering the library in Chapter 2, you’ll need to climb the shelves on the right side of the room. Jump onto the hanging piano, then run all over the ivories to unlock this achievement / trophy.

Kitchen Hand – How to Unlock

In Chapter 3, you’ll need to add three ingredients to the boiling water pot in the main cooking area of the kitchen. In the back wall, there’s a large eye-shaped oven with a metal pot — that’s where you’ll need to throw these ingredients.

The first ingredient is a carrot. Grab it from the pantry before crossing the hallway with the elevator.

The fish head is under the table in the center, directly in front of the boiling water pot.

The cheese wedge is further in the foreground — move closer to the camera from the center table to find a wooden crate with wine bottles. Grab the cheese from there.

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