There really is no magic when it comes to finding shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, but here is all you can do to find them.

A fair way into your Hogwarts Legacy adventure you gain access to a quest that introduces you to the magical beasts that roam the areas surrounding Hogwarts. Not only do you get to see and interact with the fantastic beasts in the game, but you also get to go straight-up Pokémon Master mode, sucking them into a magical container, much like a Poké Ball. After catching them, you release them into a private sanctuary you have inside the Room of Requirement, much like how Ash’s Pokémon get released to Professor Oak’s sanctuary. Sticking true to the theme, one of the most coveted features in Pokémon, finding shiny variants, has also made its way into Hogwarts Legacy by way of shiny fantastic beasts, and we are going to explain how to find them.

Tips for How to Find Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

The spawn chance of shiny beasts is random, and it is difficult to spot their variations out in the wild. Your best bet is to find dens of the beasts that you like and would like to find some rare shiny variations of and simply catch as many as you can. Once you’ve caught a whole bunch, carefully sort through them in the menu, and you’ll notice that some may have a special star icon next to their names. If you release those out into your sanctuary and take a closer look at them, you’ll notice they will have some color variation in their features that will differ from the rest you’ve captured.

As of now, there are no foolproof methods for boosting your chances of encountering a shiny variant of a beast in Hogwarts Legacy, so you’ll just have to stick to farming them. You’ll also have limited space inside your beasts sanctuary, so you’ll likely want to keep your shiny ones in there as you find them and then sell the extra non-shiny beasts in Hogsmeade for hefty amounts of money, to fund your adventure at the same time as making more space for extra capturing!

That’s all you need to know about how to find shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Simply commit to catching a whole bunch, traveling away, and coming back to catch a whole lot more. Sort through them and check for any with a star icon to ensure you’ve got a shiny, and start building up that collection. Will you be going full-on shiny hunter in Hogwarts Legacy? I know I’ll be searching for my ideal shiny Hippogriff — that’s for sure!

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