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How to Get All Unique and Legendary Items in Dead Island 2

If you want to go further with items, here is where to find and get all of the unique and legendary weapons that are hidden in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2’s Hell-A is bursting at the seams with guns, swords, axes, clubs, and other tools of zombie destruction. Most of them are generic pickups, however. If you want to grab something extra with the items, here is where to find and get all of the unique and legendary weapons that are hidden in Dead Island 2.

Locating All the Unique and Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

Unique weapons can’t be sold to traders or scrapped for parts. They feature their own models and may come with a pre-installed standard perk, and if you pull up their stats page (F2 from your inventory on PC), they have their own custom descriptions.

Dead Island 2 draws a distinction between “unique” and “legendary,” though. A unique weapon is treated like any other drop, so it’ll be of appropriate quality and level for your character at the point when you receive it. If you get one of the unique weapons early in the game, it’ll typically be a rare; if you wait until your character’s level 20 or higher, it’s more likely to be superior.

If you want to go further with items, here is where to find and get all of the unique and legendary weapons that are hidden in Dead Island 2.

If there’s a way to upgrade a weapon from rare to superior quality, I’ve yet to find it, which can cripple a unique weapon’s utility in the long term. Even if you level-match it to 30, a rare weapon simply has worse stats and one less perk slot than its superior equivalent. This usually banishes them to your supply locker as you move into the back half of DI2.

Where to Find All the Unique Items in DI2

  • Black Magic
    • In Venice Beach, go to the abandoned checkpoint to the northeast by day to find a unique Screamer, Rose. Upon her defeat, she drops the key to Rose’s Storage Box, found behind the counter in Rose’s Tattoo on the boardwalk. Open it to get Black Magic, a blue-quality bat.
  • Extinction Event
    • After the main quest “Boardwalking Dead,” Butchers will begin to appear throughout Hell-A. This includes Target Practice, a unique Butcher who’s on patrol throughout the streets of Beverly Hills. The key it drops goes to Nikki’s Bounty Box, which is in Nikki Gutte’s bedroom closet on the southwestern side of the map, and contains this superior heavy revolver. It comes with the Superior Liquidator mod and Acid Rain perk, so any zombie killed with Extinction Event explodes into a cloud of acidic gas.
  • Gastric Bypass
    • As soon as you reach Venice Beach, look near the police station for a rare Slobber zombie called the Burger ‘66 Server. It’ll drop a key that matches the locker in the nearby Burger ‘66 location’s staff room, which lets you claim the Burger ‘66-themed rare mace Gastric Bypass.
  • Jade Dragon
    • Complete the side quest “The Terror of Sound Stage 7!” in Monarch Studios. You must have finished the previous side quest “It Came from Monarch Studios,” which can be started from the closest radio as soon as you complete “The Red Mist.”
  • Okami & Whiskey
    • Take on the side missions “Resurrect the Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex” in Beverly Hills. As a reward for the latter, Rikky will give you this rare-quality katana.
  • Zom-B-Gone
    • Complete Amanda Styles’ side quests “#Clickbait” in Bel-Air and “Like and Follow” on the Pier to unlock a third quest, “Going Viral,” in the postgame on Hollywood Boulevard. Part of your reward for completion is this superior-quality unique mace.

If you want to go further with items, here is where to find and get all of the unique and legendary weapons that are hidden in Dead Island 2.

Where to Find All the Legendary Items in DI2

Conversely, legendary items in Dead Island 2 only appear to be available in the postgame, after you’ve cleared the last story mission. All seven are quest rewards. If there’s some ultra-rare legendary zombie drop, it must be so rare that no player has seen it yet; otherwise, all random weapon drops from zombies or chests top out at superior quality.

All legendary weapons come with a unique perk that doesn’t appear anywhere else in the game.

  • Big Shot
    • Complete the postgame side quest “It’s Not Your Fault,” which is offered by Luciana Salazar in Emma’s house in Bel-Air. This sends you back to the Brentwood Sewer in search of some research data. In exchange, Luciana gives you this legendary 3-shot revolver. Its bullets explode into fireworks on impact, which deals area-of-effect damage and inflicts the Traumatized condition.
  • Bodycount
    • In the postgame, return to the officers’ barracks in the Army camp in Venice Beach to find Lt. Ford, a unique zombie. Kill him to get an item that starts the hidden Lost & Found quest “[REDACTED],” which will lead you to the location of Bodycount. This legendary automatic rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game; even beyond its high damage and rate of fire, its shots can inflict Bleed status on other zombies in an area of effect around its targets.
  • Blood Rage
    • After the main quest “The Giant-Slayer,” return to Beverly Hills to find Francesca in one of the houses to the north. She’ll start a side quest chain, “Body Art,” where she asks you to bring her parts from increasingly more dangerous zombies from throughout Hell-A. The final stage, which you can only accomplish after “The Search for Truth,” requires Mutator Hearts. Francesca’s reward is to let you see her project, as well as the legendary knife Blood Rage. It comes with the unique perk Puncture, which gives you a stacking buff with every critical hit that raises your critical damage.
  • Emma’s Wrath
    • Complete the final quest in the main story of Dead Island 2 to receive this legendary sledgehammer item. With it equipped, any Skull Stomp or successful Counter primes the weapon. Any zombie you hit with Emma’s Wrath for the next few seconds will also be hit with a shotgun blast, which inflicts extra damage, a stun, and a forceful explosion.
  • Krakatoa
    • Complete the Lost & Found quest “Missing: Steve,” which is one of the last Missing Persons quests that becomes available from the message board in the Serling Hotel. You’ll receive this legendary flaming pickaxe as a reward.
  • The One
    • Complete the side quests “It Came from Monarch Studios” and “The Terror of Sound Stage 7!” In the postgame, Sebastian will appear in the Re-Aging Clinic safe room on Hollywood Boulevard to offer the last quest in the chain. The reward is this Highlander shout-out, a legendary claymore sword that restores your health and stamina on a successful decapitation.
  • Party Starter
    • In the postgame, the locked bathroom in the Lotusville Mall will open, letting you grab a phone that starts the Lost & Found quest “Drunk and Disorderly.” Follow the misadventures of a band of idiots throughout Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier until you get a set of SUV Keys. The keys match a white SUV in the parking garage below the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue, which contains these fire-spewing legendary brass knuckles. With the Party Starter, a heavy attack that knocks down or kills a zombie temporarily boosts your fire resistance and ignites other zombies nearby.

There you have it: Those are all of the non-DLC unique and legendary weapons in Dead Island 2 and how to get those items.

If you’re still early in the game though, you might be in need of some simpler help, such as learning how to block in the game.

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