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How to Get Influence & Claim Regions in Manor Lords

All players will start with a single region under their influence in Manor Lords, and you could sustain that for a while. But why would you? Here’s how to get Influence and claim other territories in Manor Lords.

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Getting Influence in Manor Lords

Influence is one of the primary currencies/resources in Manor Lords, and it’s required if you want to take over other regions. There are four ways to get Influence in Manor Lords, as listed below:

  • Building churches
  • Building manors
  • Clearing out bandit camps
  • Enacting tithes

Let’s go over each of these methods one by one.

Building Churches

building churches and upgrading them for influence in manor lords

Churches are an easy way to help you rack up Influence quickly early on in Manor Lords. All you need are five timber, 20 planks, and 10 stones. You’ll generally want to build this as soon as possible, as it’s one of the upgrade requirements for your burgage plots, and will also help increase your Approval rating in the game.

In addition to that, you’ll get 250 Influence each time you upgrade a wooden church to a stone church. So all you need are four churches and upgrades in order to get yourself to 1,000 quickly.

Clearing Bandit Camps

using the trading post to get weapons in manor lords

Bandit camps will start spawning within the first couple hours of Manor Lords, and this can also be a quick way of gaining Influence. For every bandit you defeat, you get 20 Influence, which will stack up very quickly.

That being said, dealing with bandits and engaging in combat does require you to form military units, which can take a while as you need to expand your population and give them the necessary equipment. You can get weapons and armor through trading posts, or craft them by upgrading your burgage plots and setting up workshops.

You can also work towards building blacksmith, bowyer, and armorer workshops to start crafting weapons and armor.

Building Manors and Enacting Tithes

Finally, for every manor you build in Manor Lords, you’ll get to enact a tithe. Building a manor requires you to level up your settlement and provide the following resources: five timber, 20 planks, and 15 stones.

Building a manor will give you 250 Influence on the spot, and you can then click on it and choose Taxes, then choose Tithe. From here, you can opt to trade your food for Influence, but just be careful not to let your population starve.

How to Claim Regions and Territories

Now that you know how to get Influence in Manor Lords, let’s talk about claiming other regions. Zoom out of the map until you get an overview of all the regions, then select a region and choose the option that says Claim with Influence.

Here’s how much you need to pay to claim a new territory:

  • Unowned region: 1,000 Influence
  • Owned region: 2,000 Influence

Keep in mind that once you claim a region, a contest bar will start to slowly fill up. While it’s filling up, other rulers may try to contest your claim and start a fight. You’ll then need to beat them in combat in order to claim it. Once the bar is fully filled, the region is yours, and you’ll be able to set up shop there.

And that’s everything you need to know about getting Influence in Manor Lords.

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