First steps into the Shadow Realm in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
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How to Get into Prospect Town in Elden Ring – Outer God Heirloom Location

Prospect Town is in a reasonably isolated area near the Gravesite Plains in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Here’s how to get to Prospect Town in Elden Ring.

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How to Access Prospect Town in Elden Ring

As a crumbling remnant of whatever settlement it formally used to be, Prospect Town is a sad sight. To get into Prospect Town, you will need to find the right part of the ruins to walk up, as the former main road has collapsed. This can be found on the flat area if you follow the ruins around to the left. You will find a long, collapsed wall that you can walk up and then jump across to gain entry to the town.

There are some resources to be found here, such as some Rada Fruit lying around, two Beast Blood, Sanguine plants, and Mushrooms. Mostly, you will want to visit here to get the Arcane-enhancing Outer God Heirloom.

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Be careful in Prospect Town, as there are a number of large, powerful, and hard-hitting enemies here. As you continue through the town, you will come to an area with seven of them, and you will need to be very careful. You can aggro the first three on their own if you approach them from the right, then back up as soon as they start to stand up. Take them all out, then worry about the others.

The second group will include an enemy who can do some ranged attacks, so be very mindful of him. He can stagger you badly if he hits you, and should that happen, the rest will easily swarm you. There is no Site of Grace here, so you want to be careful because you have no easy respawns.

How to Find the Outer God Heirloom in Elden Ring

Once the fighting is over, continue toward the ruined church-looking building on the left, then go inside. Here, you will find a chest that contains the Outer God Heirloom.

The Outer God Heirloom will raise your Arcane level.

A talisman engraved with the lore of an outer god. Raises arcane. The clan, who lost everything in the great fires, peered upon the corpse of their ancestor, normally an act of sanctity, and saw in its shadow a twisted deity. The clan had suffered such torment that the horrible thing was taken as an object of worship.

The Outer God Heirloom isn’t the only talisman nearby. You can also grab the Blade of Mercy talisman without much fuss.

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