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How to Get Nahobeeho in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Be-hee-hold his power, ho!

The series’ beloved mascot Jack Frost gets some new wardrobe options in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance (SMT V) as the Nahobeeho is introduced. This protagonist-inspired version of the classical ice Demon is one of the most incredible additions to Vengeance, and here’s how you can meet him.

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How to Recruit Nahobeeho in SMT V: Vengeance

The Nahobeeho is the newest alternative form for Jack Frost based on the game’s protagonist, similar to how Soul Hackers 2 had a Jack Frost based on Ringo. He can be recruited as either a Demon Navigator or a regular Demon, being unexpectedly great at both jobs. He comes with a unique skill called Jack Tempest, his own take on Nahobino’s unique skill Wrath Tempest.

Nahobeeho can be found in the Taito Ward, the fourth and final ward you’ll visit during SMT V. He’s present in both the Canon of Vengeance and the Canon of Creation, so you can befriend him no matter which route you’re completing. Approach him to start the quest “Wannabee-ho Nahobino”, where you’ll control the Nahobeeho in his own quest of trying to recruit Demons for his journey.

This is similar to the other creature-controlling quests in the game, as you only need to speak with all other Demons to try to convince them to join you. Unfortunately, all of them will either ignore you or leave regardless of what you say. Remember to speak with everyone on the map, including the Mothman group directly to the back of where you start as they’re the easiest to miss.

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Once you exhaust everyone’s lines, the Nahobeeho asks to join you, concluding his quest and unlocking him as a Navigator. He’ll be waiting in the Umayabashi leyline, next to where you first started the quest. Nahobeeho specializes in finding Gem items, Money, and recovery items. He won’t join your active party, but you unlock him for Fusion through this quest.

The playable Nahobeeho can be obtained through a Special Fusion composed of Jack Frost, King Frost, Black Frost, and Silky (possibly referencing his sewing skills, as he made his Nahobino outfit himself). You should already have these Demons by this point in SMT V, so it’s just a matter of fusing them. The only pre-requisite will be to have completed King Frost’s quest back at Shinagawa, which can be done now if you skipped it at the time.

SMT V: Vengeance is available now for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

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