How to Get Unlimited Adhesive in Fallout 4

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One crafting ingredient you’ll struggle to keep in stock is adhesive glue, required for just about any weapon or armor upgrade in Fallout 4. If you’re looking to start collecting enough of the hard-to-find material, check out the guide below for steps to make your settlement into a glue-producing factory.

This method is totally legitimate; no cheats, console commands, or exploits required. All you need is three ingredients, some water, and enough patience to build a garden with all the materials required to craft adhesives. Fallout 4 is full of junk to upgrade, and if you’re looking to get serious about crafting, you’re going to need a heck of a lot of glue.

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Adhesive Farming Guide

Standard adhesive is hard to find in the wasteland, but there’s another option you can craft with the right ingredients; Vegetable Starch.

Crafting Vegetable Starch requires four ingredients; (3) corn, (3) mutfruit, (1) purified water, and (3) tato.

These items craft (5) Vegetable Starch per creation, and the ingredients are relatively easy to find. Follow the steps below to create an endless ingredient-growing garden in your settlement.

How to Create a Vegetable Starch Farm

There are minor exploration spoilers ahead. Don’t read ahead if you want to discover the wasteland on your own!

  • 1. At any of your settlements, create a garden by planting these three seeds; tato, corn, and mutfruit.
  • 2. For purified water, build an Industrial Water Purifier or just collect dirty water and craft it. You can also purchase purified water from any vendor.
  • 3. If you haven’t found tato, corn or mutfruit, travel along the mid-Commonwealth river to find a location called Graygarden. This farm is tended by robots. Look inside the green house to collect all three plants you’ll need.
  • 4.With tato, corn and mutfruit planted in your settlement, you’ll be able to farm these three crafting ingredients. Rest for 24 hours and the plants will regrow. Use a Water Purifier to collect all the purified water you’ll need. Cook up the Vegetable Starch at a Cooking station.

Now that everything is in place, you’ll be able to collect tato, mutfruit, corn, and purified water all from your settlement. Combine the items to create Vegetable Starch for all the adhesive you’ll ever need.

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