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How to Join the United Colonies in Starfield

This is how to join the United Colonies in Starfield

The United Colonies is the oldest Starfield faction, founded years before the Freestar Collective sprang into existence. And, if you feel like joining this multi-planetary organization you can do just that. If you’re wondering how to join the United Colonies in Starfield, here’s the answer.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Starfield’s United Colonies

Starfield’s United Colonies, or UC, was the organization that led the evacuation of Earth when the Magnetosphere was on the way out. They also went to war, twice, with the Freestar Collective, as explained here. They’re not evil as such, but there’s a hint of Starship Troopers about them — those who have joined up, performing military service, are the only ones allowed to purchase property, for example. And that’s one of the reasons to actually join this faction: to purchase a house in UC territory.

What You Need to Do to Join the United Colonies in Starfield

To join the United Colonies, you’ll need to have progressed the Constellation main quest storyline up until Sarah Morgan points you in the direction of Commander John Tuala. He’ll bring up joining the United Colonies Vanguards and if you go back to him (he’s found in the lobby of the MAST building, New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centuri) you can join.

However, you’re still on probation until you’ve completed a few tasks. Firstly, you need to take the MAST elevator to the Vanguard Orientation Hall. Then, use the consoles near the elevator to register as a Vanguard. Next, make your way through the exhibition, which is well worth taking in even though you don’t have to. Head to the flight simulator where you’ll take on several waves of enemy vessels.

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Commander John Tuala in Starfield

Beat three waves of enemies and exit the flight sim (though you can keep going if you want). Then, report back to Commander Tuala and he’ll swear you in in front of the MAST building. However, you’re not quite done yet. You still have to prove yourself with a probationary mission.

Your mission is to head to the Tau Ceti system and help the settlers on Tau Ceti II who have lost communications. Nothing to worry about, right? As if. Collect your gear from Chief Herath at the Spaceport (it’s simpler to fast travel there), and you’re ready to go.

Here’s How to Complete The UC Probationary Mission in Starfield

Unfortunately, the colonists are nearly all dead thanks to a Terrormorph. The secret love child of a Xenomorph and a Deathclaw, this creature will eat your face as soon as look at you. And it can open doors. You could, potentially, kill it face to face, but it’s simpler to follow Hadrian’s instructions. She’ll advise you to activate the cattle scanner, which will tell you where the Terrormorph is, and then keep your distance.

Roam around activating the power panels and you’ll arm the auto-turrets. She suggests luring the Terrormorph into them but, in my playthrough, it just blundered into range and got gunned down. Once it’s dead, speak to her again and head back to Commander Tuala in New Atlantis. He’ll confirm you’re now a full UC Vanguard and give you your UC Vanguard suit and helmet. You can now tackle the rest of the UC quest line at your leisure.

And that’s how to join the United Colonies in Starfield. If you want to know how to join their frontier-style counterpart, the Freestar Collective, here’s how. And if you’re after other information or tips to help you in the game, make sure to look through our full range of coverage.

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