Sons of the Forest tracking Virginia with a GPS tracker.

Sons of the Forest’s Virginia can be a bit of a badass when she’s armed up. And while she takes a while to get used to you, it’s good to have her hanging around. But what if she’s not hanging around? What if you’re in need of her firepower? You might be wondering how to track Virginia in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the answer. 

You Can Track Virginia Using a GPS Locator but You Need to Make Sure You’re on the Right Page of Her Inventory

To track Virginia in Sons of the Forest you’ll need to get your hands on a GPS Locator. Here’s how to track down one of those. You’ll also need to have her with you — if Virginia is just running away from you, here’s a guide to help you approach and befriend her

Now, once you’ve set the GPS Locator to whatever symbol you want, go up to Virginia and interact with her (E on the keyboard). You’ll open part of your inventory and the items you can give her will be shown. 

At least they will be if you’re on the right page. You need to be on the inventory page where you can see the outline of a pistol. If you don’t see that, flip the page (Q or R on the keyboard). You should now see the GPS.

Click on the GPS and that’ll let you give it to Virginia. Barring bugs, you’ll now be able to track her on the map as she’ll be represented by a GPS icon. It may sound a little stalkerish, because it is. But if you’re in deep trouble, and she’s equipped with the pistol, she should help dispatch any nearby bad guys. 

So, that’s how to track Virginia in Sons of the Forest

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