There are a lot of ways to customize your gear in Team Ninja’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. While you’ll get access to “embedments” fairly early, set bonuses are a little harder to suss out, even when you have them equipped. Luckily we’re here to lend a helping hand through this high-octane soulslike’s most fearsome foe — the menu system. Read on to find out how to view set bonuses on gear in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty!

Where to View Set Bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Set bonuses add an extra layer of power to your build, so they’re worth getting. Distinct from embedments, these bonuses will apply based on how many pieces of a set you have equipped. What’s more, they often scale with the item’s upgrade level, too! Here’s how to preview the juicy benefits of a full set in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Open the pause menu, then navigate to ‘Inventory’. 
  • Hover over an item with a gear set bonus. This is usually indicated by a square symbol at the bottom of the item’s embedments, next to the gear set’s name.
  • Above the item’s information you’ll see three triangles — these indicate different ‘pages’ with varying information on the item itself. Flick through these by pressing R2 on a PlayStation controller, RT on an Xbox controller, and X on a keyboard.
  • This will show you the list of potential set bonuses! Active ones will be displayed with white text, while inactive ones will be grayed out. To access further information, press share or the touchpad on a Playstation controller, the view button on an XBOX controller, or G on a keyboard.

View of set bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyFrom here, you can navigate up and down the list of set bonuses to see what each one offers. Set bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty start out as universally useful buffs, such as ‘Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks’, and get more specific as you go. For example, the ‘Ferocious Young Conquerer’ set’s final bonus increases your damage with Dual Halberds! This is why it’s good to be able to preview these pieces early on, before you go all-in on collecting them. 

If you’re looking to focus on fashion over function, we’ve got an explainer for the transmog system in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Alternatively, if you’re already set on your current loadout and just want to bump up your numbers, here’s our primer on scaling your weapon damage.

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