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Jack Black to Play Claptrap in Borderlands Movie

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The cast for the Borderlands movie just keeps getting more varied and random. Today it was announced that Jack Black will be taking on the role of Claptrap, the loveable robot who aids players in the Borderlands games while throwing out one-liners and malfunctioning. He’ll be joining an already loaded cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film is set to be a major blockbuster for film studio Legendary with Eli Roth directing and Craig Mazin, writer of Chernobyl, penning the screenplay.

Black will not be seen on screen in a robot costume as Claptrap will be a CGI character with Black providing the voice. The casting is pretty obvious given Black’s style of quick-talking comedy and oddball humor is pretty much pitch-perfect for Claptrap. The robot character is one of the more popular from the series and is often considered a bit of a mascot for the games.

Nathan Kahane, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, shared the following about the news: “It’s one of the biggest no-brainer casting decisions we’ve ever made. Everyone who’s ever played the game knows Jack is perfect for this part. We’re thrilled he will add his endless comic energy and voice to our film — he’ll bring so much to the movie.”

The move for Borderlands reunites Jack Black with Roth and Blanchett as they both worked on the underappreciated The House with the Clock in Its Walls.  “I am so excited to reunite with Jack, this time in the recording booth,” Roth said. “Claptrap is the funniest character in the game, and Jack is perfect to bring him to the big screen.”

Borderlands does not have a release date yet.

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