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Lance Reddick Memorial Is Added Lovingly to Horizon Forbidden West

Lance Reddick Memorial Spotted in Horizon Forbidden West Is a Touching Tribute from Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has added a touching tribute to the late Lance Reddick in Horizon Forbidden West. Reddick, who played Sylens in both this video game and its predecessor, passed away suddenly in March. The tribute is simple, featuring the name “Lance Reddick” lit up as a memorial in a specific area located in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. After fans began to notice and share the tribute online, the developer took to Twitter to acknowledge the memorial and thank the actor one last time.

“Thank you, Lance, for everything you brought to the role of Sylens: your gravitas, energy, wisdom and more,” Guerrilla said. “An incomparable talent and friend. We miss you terribly.”

The in-game memorial to Lance Reddick is available to see for all who purchased Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. If you’d like to visit the location for yourself, Twitter user NoFilterGames has shared a video tutorial that directs players right to the spot. Reddick contributed a great deal to the story of both Horizon games, so it’s nice to see his impact concretely recognized within the game world.

Although Reddick may have been best known for roles in projects like The Wire and the John Wick franchise, he was also featured prominently in a number of video games. Other than his appearance in Horizon Forbidden West, the actor’s most notable gaming role was likely Commander Zavala in both Destiny games. Players quickly gathered to pay respects to Reddick after he passed, with many grouping up around his in-game character. Developer Bungie also acknowledged the loss in a social media post.

Whether in Destiny 2 or Horizon Forbidden West, many were touched by Reddick’s iconic acting skills. It’s been months since he passed, but Reddick’s presence will be felt for years to come.

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