Metroid Fusion Switch Online

The Metroid series is really making a name for itself on Nintendo Switch. The excellent Metroid Prime Remastered launched not too long ago. Metroid Dread was the newest 2D entry in the franchise. And now, a GBA title teased a while back is coming to Nintendo Switch Online. On March 9, Metroid Fusion will be available to access through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier.

Check out the announcement trailer below, complete with the terrifying Samus clone, SA-X:

The trailer showcases the fantastic bosses of the game, one of Fusion‘s greatest strengths. Its drawback would be its linearity. Personally, I find the game fun, regardless, but can see how its straightforwardness is a bit at odds with its penchant for backtracking.

Metroid Fusion‘s re-release brings back great memories of 2002, as Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime were both released that year — within one day of each other.

The inclusion of Metroid Fusion to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack brings hope to my personal dream of having every mainline Metroid game on Nintendo Switch. With Fusion added, we will have all five main games on Nintendo’s hybrid console. For the Prime series, we’d need 2 and 3 to be added as remasters or ports. Then Metroid Prime 4 would just need to launch sometime in my lifetime to have a complete Metroid gaming collection on one console.

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