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Moonbreaker Is a Sci-Fi Miniatures Game from Subnautica Dev & Brandon Sanderson

Moonbreaker Is a Sci-Fi Miniatures Game from Subnautica Dev & Brian Sanderson turn-based

Author Brandon Sanderson has partnered with Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds to announce turn-based sci-fi game Moonbreaker, which uses (digital) miniatures like you would see in a game like Warhammer. You will build, paint, and play with digital play pieces when Moonbreaker enters early access on Steam on September 29, 2022, and you can check out the reveal trailer below.

Customizing your play pieces is a major highlight of the experience, to make it feel more intimate:

Using our in-game painting tool, you can add your own style to every single Unit. This system was made with traditional miniature painting in mind, but with a few added digital benefits, like an undo button! Paint your Roster in matching colors or give every Unit its own unique look. You can also give your Roster a customized banner, making every aspect tailored to your preference. If painting isn’t for you, every Unit will also ship with a default paint job, which were all painted using the in-game tools by professional miniature painters!

If that part doesn’t interest you much, you might still be interested to hear the world draws inspiration from the likes of Firefly. Moonbreaker is sure to be a much different experience than Subnautica, but Unknown Worlds hopes you’ll stick with it for this new experience.

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