New Google Chrome Extension Reveals SOPA Supporters


Chrome can now help anti-SOPA activists easily identify who to boycott or protest.

It seems difficult to make your way around the web these days without hearing about who does, doesn’t, or did but now doesn’t support SOPA, a potential, and somewhat draconian measure that would block access to any website thought to be in violation of copyright infringement. After the collective voice and actions of multiple netizens forced Go Daddy to drop support, many internet users are looking to use that momentum to continue the fight against this impending legislation. No SOPA, a newly created free extension for Chrome, is looking to help them by putting information in their hands.

Using No SOPA will cause a message to appear on your browser every time you visit a website that supports the measure, creating a bar with the words “SOPA Supporter! This company is a known supporter of the dangerous ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’!” for you to dismiss at your leisure. Its creators hope this can serve to educate people as to who is currently working to push the act into law. What people do with that information, however, is their choice.

“Boycott? Nasty letter time? You decide,” wrote Andy Baird and Tony Webster, the two guys behind the No SOPA extension.

The time for action, regardless of what type, is growing slim. Congress could meet on SOPA as early as January 17th, and the Senate could vote by the 24th.

If you’re interested, you can download the extension here.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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