Mass Effect 2’s action just underwent a makeover. Last week, the game received a fan-created mod allowing players to experience its exploration hubs in first-person, and now the same NexusMods user LordEmil1 updated his “First Person Mode for Mass Effect 2 mod to include Halo-style first-person shooter mechanics, though special abilities and taking cover can snap the camera back into Mass Effect’s traditional third-person squad shooter mechanics.

The mod itself is imperfect with many creative compromises made to ensure its functionality. LordEmil1 reached out via Twitter to explain that he doesn’t recommend utilizing first-person combat for a full Mass Effect 2 playthrough. “[Shepard’s] head needs to be made extremely small, or it will be in the way of the camera,” LordEmil1 said. “[Shepard’s] body, and the weapons on [Shepard’s] back will come into view when you look even slightly down. There is no way to fix [or] get around this.”

Still, Mass Effect 2’s FPS mod is worth taking for a spin. Judging by the footage seen below, twatching headless femshep swan dive into enemies and shoot robots from a first-person perspective looks enjoyable and hilarious. To download the updated first-person Mass Effect 2 mod, follow the specific instructions on LordEmil1’s Nexus Mods page.

LordEmil1 also said he’s releasing a first-person Mass Effect 3 exploration mod within the next few days and shared a nifty screenshot of femshep looking in a mirror, which you can see above.

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