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The Legendary Nicolas Cage Is Joining Dead by Daylight

Nicolas Cage Dead by Daylight

There is no stopping the versatile IP known as Dead by Daylight. It has a movie in the pipeline. There is a dating sim spinoff title. And the main game has had plenty of cameos from other franchises. Speaking of special guest appearances, developer Behaviour Interactive has just revealed Nicolas Cage is joining the cast of colorful characters in Dead by Daylight. Yes, you read that right. The man, the myth, the legend.

Here’s the official announcement of Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight:

We can hear the man himself talk about the power of imagination and the breaking of reality. Clearly, the developers know how to sell the power of Nicolas Cage. The character model looks quite frightening. I honestly can’t tell if he is going to be portrayed as a Killer, a Survivor, or both.

What really has me laughing about this whole thing is it’s Nicolas Cage joining the game. Not Red from Mandy or the Janitor from Willy’s Wonderland, which actually would have made sense. Just the man himself. Even Bruce Campbell at least appeared as Ash Williams!

Behaviour Interactive has promised more information about this wild news on July 5. Until then, we can all try to process this as a species.

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