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No Sun to Worship Mixes the Supernatural With Metal Gear Solid

No Sun to Worship

When Metal Gear Solid popped on the scene in 1998, nothing else quite like it. The game was billed as “Tactical Espionage Action,” stressing the importance of stealth with its “one soldier against an army” story. After its launch, there were imitators like Syphon Filter and successors like Splinter Cell. Now, Merlino Games is looking to put its own spin on the stealth genre with No Sun to Worship.

Check out a trailer for the title below:

Spooky, atmospheric, and violent, with a dash of retro PlayStation-like graphics, aliens, and good voice acting? I am already a fan. Also, I appreciate No Sun to Worship wearing its Metal Gear Solid influence on its sleeve. Lockers to hide in, the ability to shoot out lights, and question marks appearing over enemies’ heads are all a clear nod to the influential series.

No Sun to Worship‘s Steam page has a little more information on the game, as well as the ability to wishlist it. It is described as “a short, minimalist stealth-action game about the importance of art.” Stealth is recommended, though there are multiple ways to complete your objective. There will be a mission-based structure, as well. It will launch on PC sometime this year.

It sounds like No Sun to Worship will allow me to play it like most of the stealth games I enjoy: try to be sneaky until I am spotted, then go in guns blazing.

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