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Custom gamerpics are finally available for everyone on Xbox One, and there are a variety of ways to upload any image and make it into an avatar for all your friends to see.

No longer are you stymied by limitations of official gamerpics available in the Xbox One marketplace. Custom gamerpics are a long awaited feature, and the system has been in beta a long time before this latest patch added custom uploads to your Xbox Live account.

Naturally, all gamerpics must be safe-for-work and must be approved through Microsoft’s automated system before becoming visible for your friends online. That means there might be a short time before your custom avatar appears online.

How To Upload Custom Gamerpics | Avatar Guide

NOTE: All gamerpics must be at least 1080×1080. Exact dimensions don’t matter, you’ll be able to crop any image you upload using the Xbox Live app or on your Xbox One console.

There are four basic ways to upload custom gamerpics to your Xbox One account.

  • 1. Select an image from OneDrive app.
  • 2. Upload an image on an external HD and plug in through USB.
  • 3. Log in and customize on a Windows 10 PC.
  • 4. Available through smartphone apps.

Here, we’ll go into detail and explain how to create a Custom Gamerpic on your Windows 10 PC or through your Xbox One console.

Custom Gamerpic Guide | Xbox One Console

To make a custom gamerpic on your console, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest update. If it doesn’t update automatically, connect to Xbox Live and then select: Settings -> All Settings -> System -> Updates and download the latest update.

  • 1. Highlight your profile (left menu) and select the gamerpic (round icon) -> select My Profile.
  • 2. In the Profile menu, select Customize profile -> Change Gamerpic
  • 3. Select Upload a custom image -> You’ll enter an in-app menu.
  • 4. From the menu, select your image and crop it to fit the circle. Select Upload when you’re finished.

From the app menu, you can select any images you’ve uploaded or taken on your Xbox One console under the “Pictures” folder. This collects any pictures available on your console, or that you’ve uploaded through OneDrive, or using an external HD plugged into a USB port.

In the in-app menu, select the left-hand tabs to choose the source — we used an external HD. As long as the image is 1080×1080, it will appear in the circle. You can move it and zoom in or out to crop it.

After the Microsoft approval process is complete, your image will appear online.

Custom Gamerpic Guide | Windows 10 PC

If you own a Windows 10 PC, you most likely already have the Xbox Live app pre-installed on your computer. It’s even easier to do it this way, and the gamerpic will automatically update on your Xbox One console after it has been approved.

  • 1. Open your Xbox App — Type “Xbox” in the search bar to find it easily.
  • 2. Left-click your current avatar / gamerpic in the top left corner -> click Customize -> Edit
  • 3. On the gamerpic menu, left-click Choose a custom gamerpic and a standard pop-up window will appear.
  • 4. Select your gamerpic, adjust the cropping, and choose Upload to finish.

Uploading custom gamerpics is a little easier on Windows 10 PC — you can easily access your files a number of ways from your PC, afterall.

Just like on console, your image must be larger than 1080×1080.

NOTE: If you’re using an Avatar instead of a Gamerpic on PC, select Switch to Gamerpic in the Customize menu.

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