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Persona 3 Reload, an Atlus Remake, Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

Atlus leaks its Persona 3 remake trailer early, and Persona 3 Reload will launch with a 2024 release date on Xbox, PC, & Game Pass.

It looks like Xbox can’t catch a break. The company was set to reveal a ton of titles this weekend during its Xbox Games Showcase. Unfortunately, one (actually two) of those games leaked early: Atlus accidentally revealed Persona 3 Reload, the long rumored remake, via its Instagram. Check out footage of the game below (thanks, @ScambledFaz): [Update June 11, 2023: The Xbox Games Showcase has now formally announced the game, and you can watch the official trailer at bottom.]

The title will be powered by Unreal. It looks amazing.

Persona 3 Reload will launch in early 2024 on at least Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, and PC, and it will be available on day one with Game Pass. No other consoles were mentioned, but it is a pretty safe bet it will come to at least PlayStation consoles, as well. Previous rumors had indicated it could to all platforms, even including Nintendo Switch.

We first received indication that this game was in the works when an old video from Sega started making the rounds online, including allege footage of both a Persona 3 remake and a new Jet Set Radio game. At the time, it wasn’t guaranteed to be real, but it strongly seemed to be the case. Now, it’s pretty much all confirmed, so if you’re a Jet Set Radio fan, you can look forward to more of that soon too.

But this isn’t all that Atlus accidentally leaked today: It also leaked Persona 5 Tactica, the recently rumored “P5T.”

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