Sony PlayStation 5 Controller DualShock 5

A new patent has given fans a potential first look at the PlayStation 5 controller. Spotted first by VGC, images of the next-generation Sony controller were uploaded to the Japanese patent office website today, showing a device that has a number of changes from its previous iteration. Check out the comparison between the PlayStation 5 controller and DualShock 4 below.

Sony PlayStation 5 Controller versus DualShock 4

The most notable takeaway from the patent is the PlayStation 5 controller has seemingly done away with the controversial light bar. While the light bar was used in a few fun ways throughout the PlayStation 4’s lifetime, most see the feature as nothing more than the the primary cause for the DualShock 4’s infamously short battery life.

Sony looks to have opted to keep the touch pad for the next generation. There are also slightly smaller analogue sticks, seemingly larger triggers, and a USB port. Other details, like the triggers being “adaptive,” were officially revealed last month.

As for the PlayStation 5 itself, in September Sony confirmed that the system’s low-power mode will consume much less energy when compared to its predecessor. We can expect to see the console on store shelves come holiday 2020, but gamers will surely get a much closer look at the PlayStation 5 controller (and the console itself) before that.


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