PlayStation 5, PSVR, Sony, DualSense

PlayStation is officially continuing its line of virtual reality devices. Announced on the PlayStation.Blog, Sony has revealed plans to release a VR headset on PlayStation 5 as a successor to PlayStation 4’s PSVR. The post promises that the device will feature “dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity,” as well as a profound sense of presence and immersion when it launches sometime after this year.

Another addition planned to arrive with the PlayStation 5 VR device is a new VR controller that incorporates some DualSense features. It’s not exactly clear which features will carry over to the new controller, but hopefully, things like the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are included.

The currently unnamed PlayStation 5 VR device is planned to feature enhancements such as better resolution and field of view as well as tracking and input. The hardware won’t be wireless, but Sony does say that the tech will only need to connect to consoles via a single cord this time, while still providing a high-fidelity experience.

To reiterate, a PlayStation 5 VR headset isn’t planned to launch in 2021, so it will likely be some time before we receive a better look at what’s to come. Sony launched PlayStation 4’s PSVR in 2016. Since then, the VR platform has seen major releases, such as Hitman 3 last month and Marvel’s Iron Man VR last year. The current version of PSVR is compatible with PlayStation 5 for PlayStation 4 games but requires an adapter.

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