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Project: The Perceiver Showcases Awesome Fast-Paced Swordplay in an Open World

Papergames and 17ZHE Studio share the announcement trailer for Chinese action game Project: The Perceiver, with fast sword combat.

Project: The Perceiver is a sword-clashing Chinese action game set in a mystical open world, and it just got a seven-minute announcement trailer filled with gameplay. Some will be quick to compare developer Papergames and its 17ZHE Studio’s new adventure to Ghost of Tsushima and for good reason. Aside from its combat, which has players engaging in intense sword fights, Project: The Perceiver sees players traveling as a lone swordsman as they make their way across lush fields and through broken environments. However, the game also showcases magic elements and a protagonist that seems to be nimbler than Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai.

Project: The Perceiver is a multiplatform title, with only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions being confirmed so far and no announced release date. See the first trailer from Papergames and 17ZHE below.

Project: The Perceiver has shown fans some impressive visuals so far, but we know little about it for now. The game’s website offers some further details though, including the promise of a story that takes place in “a quagmire of endless war” during the Tianhu period of the Xuantang dynasty. It further explains, “The game explores clashing beliefs in a fantasy world. Experience a chaos-ridden world and meet a variety of characters as the Master of Varietas. Consolidate their distinctive ideals into masks, and engage in the fiercest battles.”

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