Psychonauts Almost Backwards Compatible


Aeropause reports that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility work for Psychonauts is nearly complete.

When Microsoft released its list of newly backwards compatible games for the Xbox 360 earlier this week, Psychonauts was notably absent. Gaming blog Aeropause now reports that that the title nearly made it onto the list.

Aeropause contacted Alan Stuart with Microsoft’s backward compatibility team, who indicated that emulation work for the game is nearly complete. “We worked on Psychonauts and it was almost ready to ship,” said Stuart, “but it didn’t make the deadline.” Presumably, the title will be the subject of a future backwards compatibility announcement.

Psychonauts, released in April 2005 as the debut effort of Double Fine studios, has been the subject of ongoing backwards compatibility requests. In June 2006, LucasArts alumni and Double Fine founder Tim Schafer issued a call to Psychonauts fans, encouraging them to campaign via email for the game’s addition to the backwards compatibility list.

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