Quantum Error Pushes PS5 Controller To Its Limits in Firefighter Cosmic Horror Gameplay Trailer DualSense next gen

Quantum Error Pushes PS5 Controller To Its Limits in Cosmic Horror Trailer

Quantum Error is a first-person cosmic horror game for PlayStation 5 (PS5), and its new trailer highlights how it lets players suit up as a sci-fi firefighter with some truly impressive DualSense controller functionality.

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A trailer for the project appeared on the PlayStation YouTube channel today, showing off how the team at TeamKill Media is utilizing the power of PS5 to ensure that your firefighter tools all feel punchy in unique ways. Some tools shown off in the video include axes, powerful hoses, saws, and even the jaws of life, with each piece of gear said to have a unique feel. This is all as environmental hazards rage on, with the trailer teasing that players will be able to feel roaring fires as they explore. Quantum Error also uses the adaptive triggers for its weapons, while also allowing players to feel their character perform chest compressions.

Even the PS5 DualSense microphone will get some use, as players may be tasked with blowing into the controller when performing CPR. TeamKill is crafting more than a simple firefighter adventure, though, so be sure to see what other terrors are lying around the corner in the Quantum Error immersion trailer below.

Quantum Error was announced in early 2020 and tells the story of firefighter Captain Jacob Thomas. In the year 2109, he, along with his partner Shane Costa, are sent on a rescue mission after a research facility is hit with a mysterious attack. What starts as a relatively routine rescue mission soon turns into a reality-bending journey that asks Jacob to fight to save his life and the lives of others. TeamKill put a lot of thought into how Quantum Error will take advantage of the DualSense controller’s unique features because it wants its story to feel appropriately cinematic. Part of these efforts also mean that a lot of work went into the visuals, too, as the project offers an Unreal Engine 5 experience with 4K 60fps gameplay and 3D audio.

Quantum Error comes first to PS5 on November 3, 2023. PC and Xbox Series X | S versions are set to follow after, though TeamKill has yet to reveal a release date for those platforms. Stay tuned for any additional updates as we move closer to launch.

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