Recall Past Memories in Layers of Fear With Every Whispered Word

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Uncover the artist’s terrible past in Layers of Fear with the whispered words collectibles. Whispered words can be anything — any item that presents an audio clip from the painter’s past. Piece the clues together with all twenty-eight lost items.

Monsters lurk in the shadows of the impossible mansion in Layers of Fear, and that monster might just be you. The protagonist, the painter, the artist is a strange man working on his terrible magnum opus in the seclusion of his large, empty house. He was sane once, and had a family, but that’s all gone at the start of the game. Learn more about his past with every missing whispered word collectible in the complete list below.

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Whispered Words Collectibles Locations

This hard-to-spot collectible is not visibly recorded in the studio like rat drawings or family mementos. Any object that leads to an audio excerpt are considered whispered words. All collectibles are saved to your profile and can be collected through multiple playthroughs.

  • Whispered Words #1: When you input the lock code to open the ring case with the words “THE PAST HOLDS BACK LOOK CLOSER” on the interior. The code is 484.
  • Whispered Words #2: Later, you’ll enter a fireplace room, look at a hanging doll, and drop through the floor into a basement with a creepy painting. Take the stairs back up to the fireplace room. Leave and enter a hallway filled with portraits. One of the paintings will fly off the wall. Interact with this painting to pull it down and you’ll discover a sketch.
  • Whispered Words #3: Leaving the fireplace room with the painting and rat, you’ll enter another sitting room before reaching a hallway with a candle on the window sill on the right. Grab the brush located here.
  • Whispered Words #4: At the start of Chapter 2, you’ll enter a small closet filled with paintings to collect a key. Through the door directly opposite this closet is another small room with notes inside.
  • Whispered Words #5: Moving down a hallway, you’ll encounter a large painting of a dog that bursts into flames. The walls will start to melt. Turn right at this painting and check the top-right cabinet to find the next item.
  • Whispered Words #6: When you reach the dark bedroom and collect a key, eventually the door will unlock and you’ll exit into a hallway with a melting painting. A cane embeds in the portrait. Examine that jump-scare cane.
  • Whispered Words #7: Continue on into the large phonograph bedroom. Open the cabinets in the corner opposite the bed to find a violin.
  • Whispered Words #8: At the end of chapter 2 you’ll return to the painting room. Look on the cabinet top beneath the rat drawings wall. Grab it before revealing the painting.
  • Whispered Words #9: When chapter 3 begins, you’ll quickly enter a four-way intersection hallway. Later in this chapter, you’ll return to this room. Move straight forward and open the door to a small plain studio. Check on the easel to get the whispered words item.
  • Whispered Words #10: In the hallway with the balcony and phone that reverses upward onto the small table, backtrack until the phone falls and breaks right in front of you. Check the receiver to get the words.
  • Whispered Words #11: On chapter 4, you’ll reach a room with trees drawn on the walls. Open all four doors and they’ll slam shut. Keep turning until an exit is revealed. Grab the door but do not open it — turn around, witness the fire event, walk to the back of the blank room, then turn around to see a new note has appeared in your path.
  • Whispered Words #12: Leaving the room and entering a hallway with chalk lines drawn on the floor and walls, grab the party hat from the teddy bear.
  • Whispered Words #13: Past the four-way hall, you’ll reach another simple sitting room with baby-shoes on a table to the back-left of the entrance door.
  • Whispered Words #14: Continue past the large painting and the room with the vanity. You’ll enter a hallway — turn right to a dead-end with a checker’s board. Find all three checker pieces to reveal a whispered words item on the board.
  • Whispered Words #15: Escaping the multi-colored maze past the doll room and you’ll wake up from the floor. There’s an open door here, but don’t go through it. Turn around and look on the floor of the closet to get a unique toy.
  • Whispered Words #16: Moving on, you’ll reach a simple hall with black lines and a window sill on the left. Check the sill to find an item.
  • Whispered Words #17: Once you escape the creepy nursery, turn left instead of right and check the lowers cabinets to find a gun item. This is right before the end of chapter 4.
  • Whispered Words #18: In the room with the massive painting of a woman with a strip over her eyes, turn right and open the case.
  • Whispered Words #19: At the red-tinted creepy painting surrounded by black burns and tendrils of sludge, look on the small coffee table for an item.
  • Whispered Words #20: Past the “Don’t Look Back” warning and the locked room, you’ll re-enter the four-way hall. Continue straight toward the path blocked with debris. There’s a pile of broken brushes on the floor here.
  • Whispered Words #21: In this same area, take the right path to a room with a fireplace and an upside-down portrait hanging above. Look on the ground near the fireplace for a second collectible.
  • Whispered Words #22: Moving on after the elevator lift section, you’ll escape and enter a room with a chest in the back-right corner. Open that chest.
  • Whispered Words #23: Leaving the room from #22, you’ll enter a hallway with a window on the left. The next collectible is right there in the window sill.
  • Whispered Words #24: In chapter 6, you’ll enter a room with three spider-like portraits that collapse to the floor when you look long enough. A dead rat can be found on the back of one of the fallen paintings.
  • Whispered Words #25: At the underground area with pipes and a pulley machine, continue into the hallway filled with black melting sludge. Take the first turn on the right to witness a burning bed. Look on the nightstand to get your item.
  • Whispered Words #26: Continuing through chapter 6, you’ll return to the same T-section hall with a window sill on the left. This time, black sludge blocks the path ahead and you can only move right. There’s a necklace on this window sill.
  • Whispered Words #27: In this same hall, follow the right path and watch for a slightly open door on the right. Push through the black sludge into the room with what looks like red splotches and a portrait hanging above. Grab the note on the ground and step up to the strange altar beneath the painting.
  • Whispered Words #28: Beyond the posh hallway with the wheelchair and through a black gunk hall, you’ll enter a brightly lit bathroom. Look in the sink to collect the knife.

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