Save the Multiverse With Our Full LEGO Dimensions Story Levels Guide

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The multiverse is a big, confusing place, and we’ve got all the tips you need to solve the many puzzles of LEGO: Dimensions on our complete story walkthrough.

Unlike other Toys-to-Life adventure games, you’ll need to use the Toy Pad to solve tons of puzzles. To get started, all you need to do to summon a character is place your minifigure base onto one of the three lit zones. Removing a character from the Toy Pad makes them disappear in-game. Where you place your minifigures is very important, as we’ll learn as the story continues.

The Starter Set comes included with three LEGO minifigures and one vehicle; Gandalf, Batman, Wyldstyle, and the Batmobile. Throw in the Toy Pad and that’s everything you’ll need to complete LEGO Dimensions.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the first update if the Toy Pad’s instructions aren’t appearing during the prologue.

Enough messing around, let’s solve the prologue room and get the LEGO Gateway built.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

Prologue – Getting Started

After the opening cutscenes, you’ll need to construct the LEGO Dimensions Gateway. This impressive set is the centerpiece of the game, and you’ll use it in a variety of cool ways.

Gateway Chamber – Part 1

  • Use Gandalf on the glowing object to the right. Press [Circle / B] when the LEGO object is highlighted with blue magic to create steps.
  • Jump up the steps, then use Gandalf’s magic to move the blue crystal bricks, dropping them down to the in-game Toy Pad.
  • Construct the pieces and you have the first part of the Gateway done!

Gateway Chamber – Part 2

  • To the left of the in-game Toy Pad, you’ll see an Orange Handle. These are Grapple Points for Batman. Target the Grapple Point and press [Circle / B] to pull it until the meter fills up.
  • At the top of the steps, you’ll find a Batarang Switch. Throw a Batarang at the switch by holding [Square / X] and moving the reticle over the switch.
  • Construct the hopping LEGO bricks near the in-game Toy Pad to complete this part.

Gateway Chamber – Part 3

  • The last puzzle is all about Wyldstyle. Pink and blue jump-points mark areas where you’ll need Wyldstyle’s high jumping skills. Double-jump onto the handle to make LEGO walls appear.
    Use Wyldstyle’s acrobatic style to jump up the walls. You’ll stick to the walls, allowing her to continue jumping until she reaches the top.
  • Attack the blue LEGO object at the top to drop hopping pieces to the floor.
  • Now construct all three piles of hopping bricks at the base of the Toy Pad. A purple marker will appear – this is a Master Build. Only Wyldstyle (and other Master Builder minifigs you might not have yet!) can use this.
  • Step on the Master Build marker, then place your real Wyldstyle figure onto the Toy Pad spots that light up. Plant Wyldstyle on all three spots as they light up.

That’s how you complete the prologue. As you learn how to play, it’ll be easier to figure out how everything works – just always watch the Toy Pad for special flashing colors, and be aware that certain characters are associated with particular colors.

When the LEGO Gateway is all done, a strange device will appear. Switch to Batman and you’ll get instructions to build the Batmobile. Build it up, and hop in for a drive with any character be pressing [Triangle / Y] near the vehicle.

The Batmobile can be upgraded in lots of cool ways, but for now all you need to do is drive it onto the Accelerator Switch to Power it up. Fill the meter to recharge the Gateway. That finishes up the Prologue and sends your LEGO team into the first level. Hop into the Portal to get your adventure started!

Table of Contents:

Wizard of Oz – Follow the LEGO Brick Road

Welcome to the first level, inspired by The Wizard of Oz! Gather your minifigures and prepare for a journey across all the most familiar locales from the classic film.

The Yellow Brick Road

  • Break the caravan on the right-corner of the roadblock. Build the hopping bricks and use Batman’s grapple on the Orange Handle.
    Purple poppies are in the way. Drive through with the Batmobile, of course! Vehicles can safely drive through most dangerous areas.
  • Follow the road to the purple Gateway piece, and prepare to fight the Wicked Witch! Sometimes she’ll freeze characters in place – move the minifig off the flashing red zone on the Toy Pad to free them.
  • Target the Wicked Witch with Batman’s batarangs when the green shield is gone. Hitting her again summons another wave of Flying Monkeys. Wipe those jerks out, and repeat the process two more times until the Wicked Witch is defeated.

The Road Through the Forest

  • Move right to spot a tree blocking your path. Use a Batarang on the apple, and you’ll realize this is one surly tree. Batarang the Flying Monkeys holding LEGO bricks, and construct them. Use Gandalf’s magic to move the saw into the silhouette image next to the tree. Timber!
  • Vines block your path. They won’t stop the Batmobile, though.
    The next roadblock isn’t so easy. Switch to Wyldstyle and step into the purple glow near the roadblock. Place her on the glowing section of the Toy Pad to initiate her Relic Finder!
  • Doing so reveals an Orange Handle. Use Batman’s Grapple, then smash the brown LEGO crate to the right. Target the three LEGO objects in the vines too.
  • Build all the hopping bricks into a Boost Pad. Drive over these with the Batmobile, or any vehicle, to make a sweet jump over this annoying roadblock.
  • At the drawbridge, smash every glowing LEGO object to the left and build the hopping bricks to form an Accelerator Switch.
  • Drive onto it with the Batmobile to pull the bridge down, then use Wyldstyle’s Relic Scanner on the gate. Hit the Batarang Switch and you’re in.

The Winged Monkeys

  • Inside the castle, try climbing the stairs on the left. Of course it isn’t that easy. After the scene, switch to Wyldstyle and use the Relic Scanner to reveal an Orange Handle. Pull it with Batman to build two sets of LEGO walls.
  • Use Wyldstyle to jump to the second floor using the blue/pink LEGO walls. At the top, hit the pulley on the right to lower a rope. Climb up with Gandalf and use his magic on the glowing objects above the exit door.
  • Light up all three with Gandalf and you’ll face off against the Witch one more time.

The Search for the Wicked Witch

  • The Witch uses three portals to dodge any attacks. Don’t even try to stop her yet, you’ll need to trap her first.
  • Blue Portal: Use Wyldstyle on the Agility Handle, then smash the LEGO container behind the book case. Build the bricks to form a cage around the blue portal.
  • Magenta Portal: Gandalf needs to use magic on the LEGO object to the left of the Witch’s throne. This makes a Batarang Switch. Activate it to drop a chandelier and build the hopping bricks into a Magenta Portal cage.
  • Yellow Portal: Smash the green LEGO boxes in the right-foreground. Build and pull the Grapple Point, then use a Batarang on the flying monkey in the cage. Build the left-overs, then attack the Wicked Witch. She has nowhere to run now!
  • When she’s stunned, build the Crystal Ball in the center of the room, take control of it like a vehicle, then press and hold the attack button to spray the Witch with water.

Now you’ve got the first Gateway piece! Follow the instructions that appear back at the Portal Chamber. Each Gateway Piece unlocks a new ability you’ll need to learn to really master LEGO Dimensions.

Table of Contents:

The Simpsons – Meltdown at Sector 7-G

Follow the in-game manual / instructions to install the first Keystone on your LEGO Gateway. When that’s done, jump into the portal to start Level 2!

742 Evergreen Terrace

  • Start by smashing the Simpson’s couch, then use Wyldstyle’s Relic Scanner by stepping into the magenta sparkles with her character. Pull the Orange Handle with Batman’s Grapple, then use magic on the stereo that appears. Construct the hopping bricks and drive over the Boost Pad to escape.
  • In the backyard, move toward the sand box to summon the Shift Keystone. Activate the Shift Keystone and three portals will appear! To solve this puzzle, place minifigures on the colored zones of the Toy Pad to teleport to the matching color’s portal.
  • Use the Yellow Portal and push the crate off the roof. Use the Blue Portal to mash the treehouse. Use the Magenta Portal to slide down the roof and grab the handle below. Now the hopping brick left-overs can be built.
  • Jump to the blue and white ledges with the trampoline and climb to the roof through the chimney.

Attack of the Micro Managers

  • Nothing is ever easy. On the first Micro Manager, defeat the robots and use Wyldstyle’s Relic Scanner to reveal three locks. Smash them and use the new terminal to destroy the first giant robot.
  • Smash the three red lights on the second Micro Manager and use the hopping bricks to complete the Accelerator Pad. Use the Batmobile or any wheeled vehicle to fill the meter. A small Micro Manager will appear with an Orange Handle. Pull it with Batman’s grapple. Construct the left-over bricks and use the terminal.
  • On the third Micro Manager, target the three enemies shooting lasers (Batman or Gandalf can do this!) and then use Gandalf on the magic energy over the yellow and black warning stripes. Wyldstyle should now Relic Scan near the foreground glass to reveal two Orange Handles. Destroy both with Batman’s Grapple to open the robot and get inside.
  • Drop down and break the red light. Build the bricks and activate the Shift Keystone. Before using the Magenta Portal, you’ll need to deactivate the shield around the last terminal.
  • Switch to Gandalf and use the upper balcony to pull the first blue wire. Use the Blue Portal, and pull the upper and lower blue wires with Gandalf’s magic.
  • The shield is down! Enter the Magenta Portal and activate the last terminal.

Another Day At The Office

  • To cross the green waste after the bridge falls, use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker. Pull the Orange Handle, and activate the Shift Keystone.
  • Use the Magenta Portal and turn the valve to stop the steam at the Yellow Portal. Go through the Yellow Portal next and flip the switch.
  • Past the barrel conveyor, jump up the LEGO walls with Wyldstyle and break the crate at the top to get hopping bricks. Build them, and jump onto all three blue levers. Now you can jump across the steam vents.
  • At the purple and white checker pattern area, go downstairs and use Gandalf to explore the dark area. The bricks here build a Keystone Portal. Activate Shift; push the yellow crates through the Yellow Portal, then break the blue LEGO objects at the Blue Portal.
  • Build the hopping bricks from the fallen yellow crates. Move the new switch with Gandalf’s magic until the Magenta Portal is on the upper level. Now use the switch three times.
  • The way across the conveyor should be clear. At the Reactor door, switch to Batman and place him on the lit Toy Pad zone to turn invisible. Flip the switch while invisible to open the door and shut off the camera.

Business Time

  • Showdown time. Lord Business shoots a red laser, one that can conveniently break gold LEGO objects. Hide behind those, allowing Lord Business’ laser to destroy the gold objects.
  • Break all three gold objects, defeating the robots between each round to reveal a Master Build marker. Pull the switch on the Sludge Launcher Wyldstyle builds to complete this first phase of the fight.
  • Falling down into the reactor pool, quickly move Wyldstyle to the second Master Build marker and flip the Sludge Launcher switch. Once again, Lord Business smashes it, but leaves hopping bricks on the left platform.
  • Build the bricks into a Shift Keystone and activate it. Pull the switches through the Blue and Magenta Portals, and use Batman on the Orange Handle through the Yellow Portal to finish Lord Business.
  • Break the three glowing LEGO boxes in Mr. Burns’ office and rebuild the hopping bricks to meet an old friend.

Return of an Old Friend

  • The Joker starts off by slamming a girder on the ground and swiping it across the arena. Jump over the girder before it hits you! Wyldstyle is the best jumper. Next, he launches three chattering teeth that spawn goons. Break all three and construct the bouncing blocks.
  • Activate the Shift Keystone, go through the Magenta Portal and punch Joker. Break the LEGO object he leaves behind and build it into a bomb. Jump off before it explodes!
  • Joker’s robot shoots a mean laser across the arena. Watch the dotted line on the floor to see his pattern. After three laser sequences, you’ll get more teeth. Break them and rebuild the Shift Keystone.
  • Jump through the Blue Portal this time. Break Joker’s object after giving him a beating and set another bomb with the hopping bricks. Dodge the lasers, avoid the toxic sludge, and break three more teeth to rebuild the Shift Keystone one last time.
  • This time Joker moves from one portal to the next. Watch for him movement and jump into a portal before he reaches it. Or you can just wait at any of the three spots for him to arrive. Set the last bomb to expose the insides of the robot.
  • The robot is almost defeated! Swap to Wyldstyle, use her Relic Scanner to reveal an Orange Handle. Pull it with Batman to complete the level.

Table of Contents:

Ninjago – Elements of Surprise

One of LEGO’s own properties takes center stage in this fight-heavy level. This is the first level that requires you to select between multiple Keystones. Don’t worry, we’ll learn what they do together.

Only One Can Remain

  • Your first opponent is too fast to catch. Let’s use his speed against him; start by using Gandalf on the magic glow in the center of the arena. There’s a Keystone Pedestal, but no Keystone.
  • Turner will charge periodically! Press the button to trip him up, and build the hopping bricks the crowd throws into three colored panels. When all three panels are built, the Chroma Keystone can be activated.
  • The Chroma Keystone lets you change the colors of your Toy Pad – usually you’ll need to match a pattern in the environment. This time a Snake is holding a white board with three yellow zones. Step onto the yellow Chroma panel with Batman to turn him yellow, then place his minifigure on all three Toy Pad zones to match the picture.
  • Build the bricks, push the turnstyle, and build again to defeat the first arena opponent. The second opponent appears on floating platforms. Once again, use Gandalf on the pool in the center and activate the Shift Keystone.
  • Follow Gravis through the Blue Portal, Magenta Portal, and Yellow Portal, beating him up at each platform. Now you’ll have to deal with regular guards.
  • Again, pull a Keystone Pedestal from the water in the central pond. Use the pink/blue agility poles to reach the red pad with Wyldstyle, pull the yellow pad above the doors with Gandalf, and reveal the Orange Handle with Wyldstyle to the left. Activate the Batarang Switch to activate the Chroma Keystone.
  • To solve this puzzle, look at the door – turn Batman yellow and place his minifig on the two tetrad zones, then turn Wyldstyle red and place her on the middle circle.
  • Last opponent. Knock Karlot off his snake perch with a Batarang, then use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker when the snake-themed wrecking ball burst through the wall. Use Gandalf to attach the magnet, build the bricks thrown from the audience, and drive the Batmobile onto the Accelerator Pad.
  • Now all you have to do is beat up Karlot until he turns to metal, then lead him toward the active magnet.

Master Chen’s Maze

  • To escape this maze, you’ll need to use the Chroma Keystone. Activate it, and break the three crates to get the color combination. Turn Batman red, Wyldstyle yellow, and Gandalf blue – blue goes on the right, red goes on the left, and yellow in the center.
  • Solve the Chroma puzzle and a pointer will show you the way. In the second room, pull the Orange Handle on the snake with Batman’s grapple. Enter the dark area with Gandalf and match the colors in the middle to solve the second Choma Keystone puzzle.
  • Follow the pointer and use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker to activate the third Chroma Keystone. Make sure two minifigs of different colors aren’t standing on the same Toy Pad zone, and place a Chroma-colored minifig twice to overwrite a color on a zone.
  • Keep following the pointers until you run into another boss – Saruman!

Saruman’s Sneaky Snake Surprise

  • Let’s not mess around. Smash all the glowing LEGO objects in the area and build all three Boost Pads. Saruman’s snake slithers to one of three locations – ram him with a vehicle on a Boost Pad while he’s standing still.
  • After one hit, a Keystone Pedestal will appear near the foreground. Build it and activate the Shift Keystone, then teleport to the portal closest to Saruman.
  • Do this two more times – stunning Saruman’s snake near one of the Snake statue portals, teleporting in, and letting his snake bite the statue.

Elemental Showdown

  • There’s still Lex Luthor to deal with, and he has the Elemental Staff. Defend yourselves until Lex launches a missile barrage, leaving three large LEGO objects to smash. Break all three and construct the bricks to connect the Chroma Keystone.
  • But where are the colors you need to match? Look at Lex’s back – the first set is all red. Second is blue with yellow in the center. Third is; left – yellow, circle – blue, right – red.
  • The bad guy returns, and he has full control of the staff. Master Chen freezes the chamber. Climb up the ice with Batman and pull the Orange Handle in the back-left. Jump onto the platform, climb the ladder, and slide down the rope to reach Chen.
  • A few punches leads to the next wave. Here you’ll need to hide in the alcoves while climbing the ramps, dodging the falling rocks! Punch Chen to enter the lave phase – activate the Shift Keystone and enter the blue portal, then the yellow portal, and finally the magenta portal to reach Master Chen.
  • In the electric phase, you’ll need to activate the Chroma Keystone. Match the colors on the board above Chen – use a vehicle to safely drive through the electrified water.

Table of Contents:

Doctor Who – A Dalektable Adventure

Say hello, and goodbye, to Dr. Who! He drops the team off in a mysterious space-base filled with odd creatures. Let’s escape together.

An Unwanted Upgrade

  • The station needs power. To get on that, swap to Wyldstyle and leap to the ladder on the far-right corner of the first room. Smash the glowing LEGO objects on the upper level of the central pod-like device. Build the bricks and activate the Batarang Switch.
  • Build the Elemental Keystone below. Activate it, then place any minifigure on the red zone to give them fire elemental powers. Melt all the ice blocking the door on the left, pull the Orange Handle, put out the fires with the blue Water element, build the bricks, and charge the Electric Coils with the light-blue Electricity element’s attack. On the right, melt all the ice and use Gandalf to connect the power cords.
  • In the second room, swap to Batman and activate Stealth Mode to push the green turnstyle on the right-side of the chamber.
  • Activate the Elemental Keystone and use fire on the ice over the central door. Smash the blue crates and use Gandalf to attach all four cyber-man parts to the door.
  • Next, build three parts; the first is right near the open door. Build the parts with Gandalf, then go up the newly cleared stairs. Smash the purple terminal near the stairs and jump to the high lever with Wyldstyle. Swap to Gandalf and use magic to move the Lunar Lander to the right onto the silhouette.
  • Move to the bottom of the ramp in the right-corner and charge the Electric Coils with the Electricity Element. The Lunar Lander will move to the center – pull the Orange Handle.
  • To the left of the door, enter the purple sparkles with Wyldstyle to activate her Relic Finder. Pull the Orange Handle and build the block to complete all three parts – use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker to put everything together. Charge the Electric Coils to face a new baddie.
  • The Cyber King is on a rampage! Fight the incoming Cyber-Men and dodge the King’s lasers until it punches the ground. While stunned, attack the arm to break it. Break both arms and hopping bricks will appear. Construct those into a Boost Pad, allowing you to ram Cyber King with a vehicle to defeat him!
  • Chasing the Cyber King head, wait for both doors to explode and build the hopping bricks that appear. Activate the Batarang Switch to reach the next section.

A Puzzle of Perception

  • The spooky moon graveyard stands between you and Cyber King. Bust through the gate and you’ll find a glowing LEGO TV. Smash it and build the bricks to create an Elemental Keystone.
  • Activate the green Earth Element and use it on the Earth Spot near the pond. Use Gandalf on the magic-glowing rock mound that rises from the pond. That chases the Cyber King away.
  • But that leaves a lock to deal with. Go to the mausoleum, use water element to put out the fires, use Gandalf to throw the statue through the mausoleum door and build the parts into a new Keystone Pedestal inside. This is a Chroma Keystone, so you’ll need to reveal three Chroma Pads.
  • Yellow Chroma Pad: Use Gandalf’s magic on the grave mound down the hill from the locked gate at the end.
  • Red Chroma Pad: Use the Relic Finder with Wyldstyle to the left of the Mausoleum. Pull the Orange Handle to find the pad.
  • Blue Chroma Pad: Right of the Elemental Keystone, use Gandalf’s magic on the fallen statue. Place it on the stand and jump to the high ledge with Wyldstyle. Smash all the LEGO objects to build a UFO. Ride the tractor beam up and enter the dark alcove with Gandalf. Use magic (again!) to set the blue pad down.
  • Activate the Chroma Pad and set the colors; blue on the left, yellow center, red on the right. Smash the Hologram Emitter to make the gate disappear. Use the Batarang Switch to get inside.

Quantum Lock Chaos

  • Smash the three blue crates and place the conduits into the silhouettes with Gandalf magic. Use Wyldstyle on the purple glow and pull the Orange Handle. Build the bricks and push the generator right to the terminal.
  • Use Batman’s Stealth Mode to hit the switch and shut off the cameras. Use Gandalf on the magic above the door, then run through the dark hallways.
  • Go upstairs to the crane on the upper level. Smash the glowing LEGO objects, build, and activate that Batarang Switch. Jump down and break the glowing LEGO crate near the stairs and build the hopping bricks. Charge the Accelerator Pad, return to the upper-level crane and push the generator to the unpowered terminal. Get that evil statue out of the way first!
  • When powered, a Keystone will appear on the upper level. Lower the ladder with Gandalf, and activate the Shift Keystone.
  • Turn the valve at the Yellow Portal, push the generator past the first ceiling fan through the Magenta Portal, turn the valve again, and push the generator to the un-powered terminal. That opens the exit door.

Rise of the Daleks

  • It’s the Dalek Emperor! This monster uses a Keystone to change the size of everything and everyone. Dodge the Dalek laser until hopping bricks appear. Build and use Gandalf to mess with the flying Dalek!
  • The Emperor goes nuts, shrinking your whole team. Fight the Daleks with Gandalf – his magic blaster makes these sections much easier.
  • The second giant Dalek will arrive with an Orange Handle. Pull it! Activate the new Elemental Keystone, dodge lasers, build the bricks when they appear to create an Electric Coil. Charge it with the Electricity Element.
  • During the third phase, reactivate the Elemental Keystone and use the water element. Put out the fires as they appear, construct the bricks and pull the Orange Handle to blast the giant Dalek. There’s now a Batarang Switch attached to the bad guy. Hit it with Batman’s ranged attack!
  • Build the new bricks in the middle of your platform and hop onto the Dalek like a turret or vehicle. Blast the glowing LEGO device ahead, use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker, and use Gandalf on the giant phone. That’s all you need to complete the stage.

Table of Contents:

Superman – Painting the Town Black

Metropolis is under siege! Sauron has invaded Superman’s adopted city, and it’s up to Batman and pals to save the day. You’ll have to deal with more villains than Sauron too.

Lex Tech Lockdown

  • Let’s save the day! There’s a garage door ahead – to the left, smash the LEGO street cleaner and blue crate, build, and drive a vehicle onto the Accelerator Pad. Light up the dark garage with Gandalf and pull the Orange Handle with Batman.
  • Say hello to the Scale Keystone. Place a figure onto an orange zone to make them shrink, or a green zone to make them grow. See the tiny door to the right of the Scale Keystone? That’s a vent. Shrink a figure to enter it, climb up, and push the red button.
  • In the next area, use Batman’s Stealth Mode to sneak past the cameras and press the red button on the police trailer. There’s another Scale Keystone! This vent puzzle is a little different.
  • There’s a vent piece missing, to raise it, step under it while tiny (orange) then grow (green), connecting it up. Now you can climb in and press the switch while normal-sized (white) at the end of the track. You’ll need to leave the giant minifigure in place, so swap to someone new.
  • Past the forcefield, smash the red truck and build a Boost Pad. Drive over it to enter the next zone. Further ahead, past the garden, use Batman’s Stealth to shut off the camera, then Gandalf’s magic on the vending machine. Build the pieces to get another Scale Keystone.
  • To the left of the Keystone, jump up the platforms with Wyldstyle and smash the LEGO object to build a ladder. Then use the Relic Scanner on the pink energy to reveal a green glass box.
  • These can be picked up by growing minifigs – set a character onto a green panel, pick up the vent piece and place it in the empty orange spot. Shrink then grow to raise the right piece so a tiny character to get to the red button.

Oliphaunt in The Gloom

  • Two-Face is protecting Sauron’s front door with a giant Oliphaunt! Fight the incoming goons and escape the trap-beams until Two-Face throws a big LEGO truck with an Orange Handle. Pull it!There’s an Elemental Keystone inside.
  • Activate the Fire Element and get close to the Oliphaunt. The Flamethrowers can’t harm you if you’re already in a fire bubble! Destroy both flamethrowers, then switch to the Electricity Element to power the two Electric Coils.
  • Use Wyldstyle’s Relic Finder in the pink haze and activate the Batarang Switch that appears on the Oliphaunt. Now Gandalf’s magic is all you need to chase the giant beast away. Use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker, and charge up the cannon you build to clear the gate.

The Dark Lord Restored

  • Sauron’s gold saucer platform is full of bad guys from every dimension. The first hatch that opens glows with magic energy. Use Gandalf to rearrange the pieces into an Accelerator Pad.
  • Activate it and turn the valve on the device that appears.
    Continue around the circle. More hatches will open to reveal more areas you can magcally rearrange into Accelerator pads. Turn all three valves and you’ll face the Dark Lord above his tower.
  • After the scene, use the Master Build marker to your left. That activates the Bat Signal. Use it like a vehicle or turret and point the light at Sauron. Beat him up until he retreats and Jimmy Olsen arrives. Sauron will summon a wheelbarrow to knock the cub-reporter away. Use Gandalf magic to construct a new turret – shoot the fireworks at Sauron to bring him out again.
  • For the third phase, build the broken bus bricks and connect the power cord nearby with magic to activate it. Use the new LEGO device like a turret and point the lights at Sauron. Beat him down one last time to complete the level.

Table of Contents:

Back to the Future – Once Upon a Time Machine in the West

This town seems unassuming, until the big bad guy shows up for a face-off! Hill Valley will never look the same.

The Good Samaritans

  • Time to start helping people to get into town! Pull the Orange Handle past the sign, use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker and double-jump to the giant camera’s handle.
  • To the right, there’s a guy stuck in a huge pile of dung. Let’s help him out with a new Keystone. This is the Finder Keystone, just move around and watch the Toy Pad. The greener it gets, the closer you are to the secret item. Press [Circle / B] when you find the rift to summon a crane. Hop in like a vehicle and move the arm all the way right.
  • Now go to the train station. Smash the three glowing LEGO bundles, and use magic on the material crate where the minifig was standing. Build the pieces when they start hopping to fix the tracks.
  • Move toward the foreground to run into Doc Brown and his time machine! But it’s stuck, help him escape by pulling the Orange Handle grapple point. Build, then use magic on the glowing saw on the ground to the right. Move it to the silhouette to cut the boards. Build the left-overs too, then jump on the high bar on the left with Wyldstyle. Smash the glowing LEGO pieces on the balcony, build, and push the crate off the ledge. Build everything to help the Doc.

A Test of Skill

  • To get through the Kwik-E-Mart, you’ll need to activate and match the Chroma Keystone colors on the store’s front doors. Smash the car on the left, use magic on the blue dumpster, and use Wyldstyle’s Relic Finder to reveal an Orange Handle. Pull it, and build to activate the Chroma Keystone.
  • Here, you’ll need to turn on zone green. You can mix colors – turn Wyldstyle blue and Batman yellow, then place them both on the same zone. Blue + Yellow = Green!
  • Complete the puzzle to open the doors and build the bricks into a Boost Pad. Ahead, a Helicarrier crash lands! Use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker to build a cannon. Hop into it like a vehicle and blast every silver shiny LEGO brick on-screen. Build the bricks into hand-holds and climb to the roof.
  • Activate the Shift Keystone and jump through the magenta portal. Follow the bad guy down the side, and build the bricks under the pirate ship’s flames. Activate the Accelerator Pad with a vehicle to summon an Elemental Keystone.
  • Activate the water element to get through the fires, climb the ladder with Wyldstyle to use her Relic Finder, then activate the electricity element to power the Electric Coils. Climb up the new ladder, around the agility hand-holds and down behind the ship.

A Show of Strength

  • It’s you versus Lord Vortech. Walk toward him and he’ll grow, slashing his sword across the arena. Jump when time slows down to save yourself!
  • Eventually Doc Brown will return, leaving a new Finder Keystone for you to use. Activate it and follow the green light to summon the Batwing. Then activate the Elemental Keystone on the right-side, using fire to melt through Lord Vortech’s ice shield.
  • Dodge Vortech’s flying head until he throws you until the Town Hall rooftop. Swap to Wyldstyle and climb the ladder, jumping to the raised platform on the right with a Finder Keystone.
  • The secret rift is in the back-left corner. Summon the dragon, and in the next phase use the Elemental Keystone’s water element to break through Vortech’s fire shield. Use Gandalf’s magic ranged attack and magic ability to destroy all the glowing objects in the third arena, all on the left, to build an Accelerator Pad.
  • Activate the pad, use the Finder Keystone, and open the rift hidden in the forward-right corner. Vortech hides himself in ice one more time, so use fire! Smack him once the shield is down to finish the level.

Table of Contents:

Portal – GLaD To See You

Now you’re stuck in a crumbling test facility filled with portals and puzzles. Let’s overcome the challenges together.

Test Chamber 01

  • The Aperture Labs Enrichment Center can be a dangerous place – and it’s full of portals. Orange portals teleport you to blue portals, and blue portals teleport you to orange portals.
  • Use Wyldstyle’s Relic Finder on the pink glow, then drive a vehicle onto the Boost Pad to reach the Keystone. Activate the Shift Keystone and enter the magenta portal to press the first button. Just one more to go.
  • Swap to Gandalf and enter the yellow portal. Use his magic to move the cube onto the red button to complete this chamber.

Test Chamber 02

  • Let’s get started. Smash the three corner cubes to build an Orange Handle, and smash the two center cubes to create an Accelerator Pad. To get everything in place, reveal the Batarang Switch with Wyldstyle’s Relic Finder at the blue door.
  • Open the Batarang Switch to get the Yellow Chroma pad, pull the orange Handle and press the button to reveal the Red Chroma pad, and drive on the Accelerator Pad to reveal the Blue Chroma pad. Now you can activate the Chroma Keystone.
  • Here you can choose between the Elemental Keystone and the Chroma Keystone. Let’s do Chroma first – match the colors on the raised panel: blue left, red center, green right.
  • A Jump Pad will appear. To survive each jump, you’ll need to match the elements that harm you – switch to fire for the first jump, and electricity for the second jump.
  • Near the end, you’ll find a puzzle. The goal is to get the ball into the pad at the bottom left without dropping it into the slime. Keep the Electricity Element to power the two Electricity Coils – left activates forcefields so the ball doesn’t fall in the lava, the right fires the ball cannon to send them flying!
  • Activate the coils in this order after pressing the button to summon a ball; Left, Right, Right, Left, Right. (Make sure to use the Electricity beam by holding attack to activate the coils faster.)

Test Chamber 03

  • Now there are turrets to block your path. Pull the Orange Handle above the stairs and complete the Finder Keystone. That clears the first turrets.
  • Turn on the Scale Keystone and continue past the two turrets you just destroyed. Enter the tiny orange vent and turn giant on the blue pad.
  • Swap to Gandalf when the Super-Mega-Deadly Turret appears. Pick it up with magic and it will start to yell – it yells loud enough to break glass! Move the turret near the glass to its left and right to shatter the walls protecting the escape buttons.
  • Leave a character near both buttons, then press them both in quick succession by swapping to open the exit door.

Test Chamber 04

  • Start by completing the Finder Keystone challenge, summoning a train that smashes the two cage cubes blocking the buttons. One button is covered in fire, while the other is covering in electricity.
  • Turn on the Elemental Keystone next. Activate the electricity switch while the Electricity Element is active to turn the panel left. The energy ball will bounce off it. Wait for the ball to bounce vertically, then press the fire switch to send the energy to it’s destination right.
  • Now activate the Shift Portal. Shift to each portal in line: blue, then yellow, then magenta to adjust the panels side-ways, allowing the energy ball to bounce to the end of the labyrinth.

Test Chamber 05

  • This test starts with another Keystone. Always pick the Finder Keystone first! After summoning the wrecking ball, run to the right and smash the two glowing LEGO crates. Build the Accelerator Pad and activate it with a vehicle. Move the cube that appears with Gandalf’s magic to the silhouette.
  • Redirect the laser by pushing the green turn-style. Bounce it off the second turn-style in the back-left corner, then direct the laser through the tiny square to destroy the turret protecting the red Chroma pad.
  • The final (yellow) Chroma pad is through the tiny orange vent. Activate the Scale Keystone and shrink to climb up into the vent near the start of the chamber. Grow under the blue platform to get all three Chroma pads in place. Now you can activate the Chroma Keystone and match the pattern in the background – red left, blue center, yellow right.
  • Complete the Chroma challenge and redirect the red laser into the third turn-style, adjusting until the laser destroys the last remaining turrets.
  • Instead of leaving through the normal elevator, remove the magic-glowing screws with Gandalf. The escape plan doesn’t work as planned, so you’ll need Wyldstyle to scan the pink sparkles. Pull the Orange Handle, then use Gandalf’s magic to clear the tube.

Test Chamber 09

  • Lots of Keystones to choose from here! Start with the basics, use the Finder Keystone. Clear the turrets and use magic on the blue cube to find the red Chroma pad. Next, use the Scale Keystone and enter the orange vent. Press the button at the end to reveal the yellow Chroma pad.
  • Only blue is left. Use the Elemental Keystone, turn on fire to enter the left corner, then use nature on the nature spot to make a plant grow.
  • Chroma Keystone time! Match the colors; purple left, red center, orange right. Purple = Blue + Red, Orange = Yellow + Red.
    Now to complete the chamber with the Shift Keystone. Enter the Yellow portal when it hovers over the blue button connected to the room filled with gas. Now that the gas is off, enter the Magenta portal and press the button.

GLaD to See You

  • Now it’s time to deal with GLaDOS! She’ll stun you and try to smash your minifigs with spikes. Hide underneath GLaDOS and she can’t crush you.
  • When the Shift Keystone appears, activate it to enter the second phase. She’ll fill three chambers with gas. Teleport to the portal next to the gas container and use Wyldstyle to reveal an Orange Handle. Pull it with Batman. Push the turn-style Wyldstyle reveals for the second one, and use magic on the valve of the third one.
  • At the next phase, use the Finder Keystone to summon… an AI from 2001! Quickly activate the Chroma Keystone and match the colors on GLaDOS’ back: orange left, yellow center, purple right.
  • Build the pieces that appear and drive into the Boost Pad! That drops your team into the incinerator, where the foundation element is located. When the Elemental Keystone appears, use the Water Element to put out all the fires. Then you can grab the cake and complete the level.

Table of Contents:

Lord of the Rings – Riddle-Earth

Gandalf returns to Middle-Earth! But Sauron isn’t causing trouble this time. This time it’s the Riddler that’s leading an army into Miras-Tirith.

The Great Gates

  • Smash all the incoming Orcs, then use Wyldstyle on the pink glow near the ruined wooden LEGO siege equipment. Use magic on the LEGO objects nearby, and smash the glowing crate to build an Accelerator Pad. Use the Finder Keystone to summon a giant turret – you can control it after jumping up all the wood platforms.
  • Use the turret to shoot all the green / purple LEGO objects on the gate. After the crash, put out all the fires by activating the Elemental Keystone and using water. When all the fires are out, Wyldstyle can use the Master Build marker.
  • Rebuild the turret and use it to blow away the rest of the gate. It will now fire explosive rockets that destroy silver LEGO bricks.

You Shall Not Pass

  • To open the central door, you’ll need to enter three sub-rooms to remove the force field. Start with the left-most door. To open it, jump to the blue pole with Gandalf / Batman, then leap to the second pole with Wyldstyle.
  • When the Digital Overlord appears and throws a chunk of tower, smash the purple LEGO bricks and build the Orange Handle. Pull it to clear the tower debris. Move the statues with magic to clear the Keystone.
  • Enter the Yellow and Blue portals after using the Shift Keystone and pull on both of the spider-bot’s legs with Orange Handle. Batarang both legs when the handles are pulled.
  • Switch to the Elemental Keystone and put out the fires beneath the glowing spider-webs. Pull the Orange Handle on the Riddler box and hit the switch to turn-off the first generator.
  • Let’s go to the middle sub-area next. Brainiac is here to cause trouble! Defeat the Orcs, switch to Gandalf, and use magic on the tower as Brainiac throws it. Build the bricks that fall as Brainiac retreats and drive through the Boost Pad.
  • Follow the city road to Brainiac and use Gandalf’s magic to grab the statues the villain throws. Throw three, then build the bricks – pull the Orange Handle and flip the switch to turn off the second generator.
  • One generator to go! Enter the third sub-room and get this area over with. Follow the glowing blue lines and leave characters on both red buttons. Activate the Scale Keystone on the left and grow huge – grab the two vent blocks and place them into the left-slots. Climb up and turn giant to push the statue. Do the same on the right, pull the Orange Handle and shut-off the last generator.

Riddle on the Citadel

  • The Riddler arrives riding a Balrog! Start by smashing the two statues to the left and right where Riddler first appears to reveal all the Chroma pads.
  • Activate the Shift Keystone to the left. Send Gandalf through the blue portal. Use magic on all three chimneys. Next, use the Chroma Keystone to match the pattern on the right: blue left, red center, yellow right.
  • Once again, use the Keystone to activate the Scale Keystone. Turn giant, place the vent piece, then turn tiny and climb up to the roof. Use Gandalf’s magic on the roof, complete the Finder Keystone challenge, and activate the Elemental Keystone for the final battle.
  • Activate the Water Element and spray the Balrog with fire to put him out. Use Wyldstyle’s Relic Finder on the Balrog’s back and charge the Electric Coil with the Electricity Element.
    At the next phase, spray the fire-y Balrog with water, charge the Electric Coil, rinse and repeat until you’ve won!

Table of Contents:

Ghostbusters – The Phantom Zone

New York is under siege by a different sort of phantom. General Zod has broken open the Ghostbuster’s spectral prison and ghosts are running amuck in the Big Apple.

Who You Gonna Call?

  • Hop on a vehicle and drive onto the Boost Pad to jump the purple sludge further right down the street from your starting spot.
  • In front of the slime-covered museum, you’ll find a huge wreck. Let’s clear it away. Start by smashing the glowing brown LEGO crates and the LEGO phone booth near the road work. Build the bricks into an Accelerator Pad, then activate it to get a Keystone. Use the Finder Keystone, then use the Master Build marker with Wyldstyle.
  • Now you have the Chroma color-key you need! Time to reveal all three Chroma colors. On the left, use Wyldstyle to jump to the diner roof, use her Relic Finder to reveal a hidden hand-hold, then jump onto the hand-hold to pull the Yellow Chroma pad down.
  • In the car wreck, use Gandalf’s magic on the yellow cab truck. Build the hopping pieces to get a blue pad. The last one is further in the foreground, on the right where there is a LEGO fire escape. Use magic on the bar to lower a ladder, climb up with Wyldstyle and reveal the hidden object in the pink mist, then pull the Orange Handle with Batman. Push the cage off the ledge to get all three colors.
  • Now complete the Chroma challenge: activate the Chroma Keystone and match the symbols. Green is on the left, blue in the center, and red on the right. Now you’re free to continue driving down the streets, using a vehicle to get through pink slime.
  • On the road with the flying robot cop vehicle, use Batman to grapple the Orange Handle on the Octan Energy sign. Jump up the LEGO walls with Wyldstyle, use the Shift Keystone, and jump to the Blue Portal. Flip the switch, then use the Magenta Portal with Gandalf. Magic the glowing blue spot to clear the road.

Haunted Headquarters

  • Start things off with the Master Build marker. Push the green turn-style to drop into the basement. Down below, use the Relic Finder on the pink glow to reveal an Orange Handle. Pull it with Batman’s grapple. That reveals the Keystone pedestal.
  • Use magic on the table to create a boombox, then use it again on the dancing toaster. Build the left-over brick to get the Yellow Pad. Further right, use the water element from the Elemental Keystone to put out the fires around the Blue Pad. To get the Red Pad, use the Nature Element on the Nature Pad to raise the door on the chamber, and push the device inside. That’s all three Chroma pads.
  • Use the Scale Keystone and place the missing green vent piece (while giant!) into the tiny path, then turn tiny to get inside and press the red button. That reveals the Chroma pattern you need to match: yellow left, red center, blue right. Match that with the Chroma Keystone to escape!
  • Upstairs, use the Finder Keystone to reveal a Double-Couch and jump up to the second floor. Wyldstyle can make the jump easy.

Kneel Before Zod

  • Avoid General Zod’s laser and defeat the robots as they appear. While the laser is out, a green core will grown on Zod’s ship. Hit the core with Gandalf’s ranged magic attack to damage the Phantom Zone fugitive!
  • Hit the ship three times to make it crash, and Zod will appear with ghost protection. Use Wyldstyle on the pink glow to reveal an Orange Handle on the crashed ship. Pull it with the grapple and the Ghostbusters will arrive to keep the ghosts busy.
  • Now it’s just you versus Zod. Attack him with long-range attacks until Zod smashes the roof to reveal an Elemental Keystone. While Zod is floating over the water pump, turn the valve then shock him with the Electricity Element! When Zod hovers over the gas tank, turn the valve and shoot fire at the natural gas.
  • At the third phase, Zod will reveal a Nature Spot that glows with green. Use the Natural Element to shoot the Nature Spot and defeat Zod.

Table of Contents:

Midway Arcade – All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us

It’s a game within a game! Only your dad will remember this super old-school gaming references. Let’s dismantle the Midway Arcade universe.


  • A Space Invader is escaping with your foundation element! Activate the Batarang Switch and smash the LEGO stuff inside to build a Keystone. Use the Scale Keystone to shrink and enter the room to the left. Press the big red button to free the first of five LEGO guys.
  • Switch on the Elemental Keystone and activate the Natural Element, then travel left. You should see another guy that needs rescuing! Smash the gray LEGO rocks and use the Nature Spot.
  • Further left, there’s another guy that needs help under a Lunar Lander. Activate the Finder Keystone nearby to rescue him.
  • Even further left is another small space-base. Use magic on the stuff inside to free another guy. Only one left now! The last guy is found if you continue left or go right from the start. Use the Elemental Keystone to put out the fires and save him.

Gauntlet Level 17

  • It’s Gauntlet! And it even plays like Gauntlet. Swarms of enemies will attack, so be prepared to fight. Collect the glowing keys as you go and swap over to Wyldstyle, she’s the best at fighting swarms of monsters!
  • Use Wyldstyle’s jump-attack to smash large groups of enemies with ease. The gates open when you touch them after collecting a glowing key, so watch out for them.
  • Follow the linear path to the exit. It’s straight-forward so you can’t get lost.

Gauntlet Level 28

  • This level has ghosts! To help defeat them, you’ll need to use ranged attacks like Gandalf’s magic. Swap to Gandalf and prepare to throw some magic around. Make sure to destroy the pile of bones – that’s an enemy spawner.
  • You only need three keys to complete this area. Open one of the four doors on the far right and work your way to the exit.

Super Sprint Track 1-4

  • You heard Wyldstyle! Get on the Accelerator Pad with a car and activate it to begin the race. You’ll need to complete several races in a row, but your opponents are pretty slow.
  • Follow the blue studs to easily get a feel for the races, and be patient! It’s better to avoid crashes and take your time than get stuck on a wall.
  • Watch out for oil slicks and water puddles too! The third track has shortcuts and tornadoes, too. Don’t worry, the shortcuts are not required to win.


  • Defend yourself! Pixel robots are incoming, and they’re not happy at all. Defeat everything that appears, even when enemies from alternate realities start showing up.
  • When the Thief appears go after him! Gandalf’s magic is a good way to get him. He runs away when you get close. Grab the coin from the defeated Thief to complete this section.

Table of Contents:

Scooby-Doo – Mystery Mansion Mash-Up

Things get spooky at the mystery mansion. Scooby-Doo and his pals are here, but it’s up to you to get the hidden foundation element.

A Mysterious Mansion

  • Getting inside the mansion won’t be so easy. The front doors slam shut when you approach, revealing the Chroma colors you need to match.
  • To the right of the front door, use magic on the shed and light the darkness. Use Batman on the Orange Handle and build the bricks to make a Keystone pedestal appear. There are three Keystones to choose, but we always start with the Finder Keystone! Complete it to reveal a Red Chroma pad.
  • Next, use the Shift Keystone. Enter the blue portal and smash the debris to open the greenhouse door, making the Yellow Chroma pad accessible. The Blue Chroma pad is through the Yellow Portal. Leave a minifig character up here, swap to someone new and activate the Chroma Keystone.
  • Swap back to the character you left on the Blue Chroma pad to turn blue, then complete the rest of the Chroma challenge. Yellow left, blue center, red right, and the front doors will open.

A Good Old Fashioned Investigation

  • Go upstairs to the painted of the explorer and use magic on the candle-holder to reveal a Keystone pedestal hidden behind the portrait. Use the Water Element to douse the fireplace, build the bricks, and use magic on the Batarang symbol to place it on the door mechanism.
  • Use Batman to activate the Batarang switch and open the locked door to follow the teenagers deeper into the mansion.
  • In the parlor, move right and hit the large crossbow device three times until you’ve got a pile of hopping bricks to construct. Do it and push the resulting turn-style. The skeleton will break – build those bricks, and use Wyldstyle to jump to the high hand-hold to reveal another Batarang Switch.
  • In the museum, break open both glass cases and build the Orange Handle. Pull both handles with the grapple, then place a character on each of the two blue switches until they’re all green.
  • Build the bricks that fall in the back-right corner and use magic to move the hammer into the while silhouette. Hold it there to smash the sarcophagus.
  • Activate the Finder Keystone, complete the challenge, and you’ll find a secret area. Walk over to the Diamond Scarab – unfortunately the mummy takes it first.

Mummy’s Minecart Madness!

  • Smash up the pile of bricks and gears in the right-corner to uncover a Scale Keystone! Use it to enter the tiny vent maze built into the back wall.
  • But first you’ll need vent pieces to reach the switches. Swap to Wyldstyle and climb the LEGO walls in the far-right corner past the tracks. Make sure you have the Scale Keystone activated already so you can grow huge at the top and pick up the vent piece.
  • Place the piece in the left of the three maze spots. Climb up with a tiny character, move right, then swap to a huge character to remove the vent piece and place it in the right-most slot. Now your tiny character can climb all the way up and flip the middle switch while normal-sized.
  • The middle switch opens the door to the right switch. Fall down and swap to a tiny character outside the maze, step under the low vent and grow giant to complete the path to the right switch.
  • The right switch opens the door to the left and final switch. Do the same thing over again here – take your tiny vent character to the left, swap to a huge character, move the vent piece to the middle slot, and climb up to flip the final switch.
  • To leave the area, activate one of the two Accelerator Pads with any vehicle. Enjoy the ride!
  • While riding the minecart, you can change tracks by pushing left or right. Watch the red lights you pass in each section – the green light gives you a hint. If green is on the right, go right. If it’s on the left, go left! Hit the mummy six times to complete this area.

Unmasking the Villain

  • The Mummy has some real magic powers. Start by building the hopping bricks to the left of the tent exit. The trampoline leads to a Keystone pedestal! Activate the Elemental Keystone and use the elements to remove the ice and fire from the three trapeze platforms.
  • When all the platforms are cleared, teleport through the blue Shift portal. The mummy will stun himself – while he’s stunned, ram him with a vehicle!
  • Build the hopping bricks and use the Nature Element on the Nature Spot. Fight his minions until the mummy starts riding the scarab bug again, then re-activate the Shift Keystone and go to the yellow portal.
  • He’ll get stunned again. Drive into him with a vehicle, build the hopping bricks, activate the Nature Spot, and wait until he gets another scarab.
  • The last portal is the magenta portal. Do it all over again to defeat the mummy and unmask the bad guy!

Table of Contents:

Lego Dimensions – Prime Time

This is it! You’re on your way to Foundation Prime. This is a strange dimension, and the path to Lord Vortech’s fortress isn’t always easy.

Endless Sea of Possibilities

  • The path literally builds itself as you go! Follow the studs and take the steps on the right to activate the Scale Keystone, then go left to the vent structure. Turn tiny to enter it while a giant on the outside places the vent chuck, or shrinks and grows under the vent on a track.
  • Press both tiny buttons, then activate the Shift Keystone. Hit all three buttons through the Shift portals, then activate the Elemental Keystone.
  • Turn on the fire element and wait for the burning platform to pass by. Jump to it and ride it to the giant marshmallow man’s platform.
  • Ahead, you’ll find an invisible path that lights up green or red. Green means that more platforms will appear as you walk, but red means it is the last one. Follow the green lights!
  • The next challenge (on the bricks with Vortech’s face!) you’ll find burning or electrified paths that change elements. Turn on the Elemental Keystone and use fire on the left while dodging / jumping over the electricity. Send Gandalf so he can use magic on the face pieces and place them in the correct spots, revealing the blue Chroma pad.
  • On the right, activate the electricity element and jump over the fires with Gandalf. Use magic on the pieces, rebuilding the face and revealing a red Chroma color pad.
  • The face in the middle breaks when you get close. Rebuild it too, then activate the Chroma Keystone. See the floating symbols above the Chroma pad? Those are your clues: left orange, center red, right purple. Complete the Chroma challenge to move on.
  • Climb to the top and activate the Shift Keystone. Enter the portals in this order: yellow, magenta, blue. Build the hopping bricks down the new path (created by Doc Brown!) and activate the Accelerator Pad to reveal more green/red platforms.
  • The next puzzle is a giant Scale Keystone maze. Let’s take it one step at a time; turn on the Scale Keystone, enter the vent, climb up and use a giant to place the green vent chunk into the orange space to the right of the maze entrance. Climb up and press the button, then climb up even more and press the second button. That reveals the red Chroma pad.
  • Enter the maze again and move the loose green vent chunk into the left slot. Have a character hold up the vent chunk on a track, then press the upper button before moving down to the lower-left button.
  • Now activate the Chroma Keystone and complete the puzzle: purple left, red center, green right. Follow the new path to the Shift Keystone, just wait to enter a portal when the spinning cubes are correctly aligned. Gravity is reversed here, so you’ll fall up!
  • Complete that puzzle, then activate the Elemental Keystone. Send a fire-infused minifigure across the flames, then swap back to activate the Finder Keystone. Now you can switch to the minifigure already across the fire and discover piece of the yellow brick road.
  • Jump the Boost Pad with a vehicle and use the next Finder Keystone to summon stairs. Step on the jump pad and you’ll at yet another green/red invisible platform maze.
  • There’s one final enemy gauntlet guarding Lord Vortech’s fortress!

High Tension Dimensions

  • Lord Vortech wants another showdown. Defeat his minions and dodge his ice waves until your helper bot provides an Elemental Keystone. When his elemental tornado lowers, use fire on his ice shield or ice on his fire shield.
  • Dodge his attacks and hit him when his shield is down. After three hits while he’s stunned, you’ll enter the next phase of the battle. A Finder Keystone will appear – complete it to summon a Dalek that blasts Vortech while he’s stuck.

Table of Contents:

Lego Dimensions – The End is Tri

Metalbeard, Frodo and Robin are in trouble! Lord Vortech turns them into a giant monster and chases the heroes to their combined dimensions.

When Worlds Collide

  • Things aren’t looking good on Octan Tower. The Tri has control over the Keystones and will change your powers at will! First, he’ll activate the Elemental Keystone.
  • Smash the glowing furniture and build the pieces into an Orange Handle. Also use Gandalf’s magic on the tree to half-build a Nature Spot. Pull the Orange Handle with Batman’s grapple and magic the second tree to complete the Nature Spot.
  • Smash the Octan container in the next area and build the Batarang Switch. Flip the switch that appears to turn off the electricity – switch to the fire element to safely walk through the flames now. Break the DJ booth ahead to build a line launcher that creates a rope you can rappel across.

Destruction of the Dimensions

  • Now you’re in the Lord of the Rings universe! Tri activates the Scale Keystone here. Use it to enter the tiny door to the left of the save terminal. Return to normal size and push the green turn-style inside until a magic-glowing LEGO object appears.
  • Use Gandalf on the magic then build the ladder to climb up. Use the clouds to jump up and break the crates to build a second ladder. Up above, turn giant and grab both missing vent chunks. No need to switch spots this time.
  • Now shrink and enter the maze, swapping to characters to raise the lowered sections on tracks as needed. Hit all three switches and an Accelerator Pad will appear. Activate it to turn on the spinning contraption. Ride up and run to the elevator to reach the gates.
  • Time to start revealing Chroma colors. Raise the winch to the left with Gandalf’s magic to get the Blue pad. The Red pad is near the tower stairs. Smash the crate and build the bricks. Pull the Orange Handle to get the Red pad. Use Wyldstyle to jump up to the Yellow pad on the right.
  • See the white flags? That’s your clue! Orange right, blue center, purple left. Match those Chroma colors.

Not So Nice Tri

  • Next stop, Gotham! The worlds are colliding, and it’s up to you to stop the Tri. Dodge his attacks until LEGO bricks fall from a rift. Break the glowing bricks and build to get a Boost Pad. Drive onto it!
  • Now you’re inside the Tri. Metalbeard is trapped in a forcefield. Use magic to clear the doors and a Batarang on the switch. Each Batarang hit will reveal a Chroma color. Wyldstyle needs to get the yellow color using the acrobatic LEGO wall.
  • Reveal the wall by smashing the terminal to the left, building the bricks and pulling the orange handle.
    With all three colors, match this pattern: purple left, yellow center, blue right. Flip the red switch to free Metal Beard.
  • When Tri smashes the area, a Master Build spot will appear. Use it with Wyldstyle, then use the cannon like a turret. Aim really high to blast the bot and use Batman on the new grapple point near the hole in the Tri.
  • Frodo is stuck here. To save him, you’ll need vent chunks. Pull the Orange Handle in the upper left corner of the room to get one, and use Gandalf magic near the center ceiling for a second vent piece. Wyldstyle at the pink mist reveals a third. Pull it down with the a grapple.
  • Place all three vent pieces. Now you’re ready to enter the maze. Make sure the correct vent chunks are in the right places: the vertical vent goes in the right slot, the corner vent goes in the left slot, and the horizontal vent goes in the middle.
  • Activate all four switches to make the turn-off switch appear. Turn it to save Frodo and exit back outside – there’s only one more friend to save!
  • Back in the arena, even more hopping bricks will appear. Build then and hit the Batarang Switch, blowing a hole in the middle of the Tri. While it’s bent over, break the LEGO objects near the ledge to build a bridge inside.
  • Turn on the water element and put out the fires at the top of the ladder. Climb up with Wyldstyle and jump to the high pole. Use Electricity on the Electrical Coil, then move the terminal with Gandalf magic to reveal a gold wall. Use the fire element [Hold down the attack] to burn a pattern into the gold wall. Activate this coil too!
  • The last switch appears. Free Robin, then turn on the water power to get through the fires to the level exit.

Table of Contents:

Lego Dimensions – The Final Dimension

This is the final battle against Lord Vortech. Take a deep breathe and prepare to save every dimension with help from GlaDOS, a spaceship, the Ghostbusters, and the Doctor!

Vorton Descent

  • Lord Vortech is already in the rift portal and ready to rumble. Collect the Finder Keystones as they fly by. When you land on Lord Vortech, smash the enemy vehicle and build the hopping bricks. Push the glowing LEGO into the white crystal to damage Vortech.
  • For phase 2, collect five Finder Keystones to summon the Midway spaceship. Back on Vortech’s armor, break the flying black Micromanager robot and use Wyldstyle’s relic finder in the pink glowing area. Build the brinks to complete the track.
  • A space lander drops nearby full of enemies. Use Gandalf’s magic on it this time, build, and push the blue block into the white crystal. Clear out the enemies until a second black Micromanager bot appears. Pull the Orange Handle to expose the core and batter the blue area with batarangs to defeat it.
  • Build the bricks from the destroyed robot into a Boost Pad and drive into it with a vehicle. Build the new hopping bricks and push the glowing blue LEGO brick into the white crystal, just like before.
  • For the third phase, grab seven Finder Keystone markers! The final portal is on Vortech’s belt, and it’s protected by a giant-sized Bane. To destroy the purple pods, stand so they’re stuck between you and Bane’s charge. Bane will destroy them for you!
  • After smashing a pod, Bane reverts to normal size. Beat him up until he gets big again! Destroy all three pods with Bane’s charge, hitting him after until Bane is defeated and you’re free to construct three sets of hopping bricks.
  • Connect all three blue bricks to the portal crystal to complete this section of the stage.

A Lord on Vorton

  • Vortech looms in the distance while the camera focuses on multiple puzzles you’ll need to solve. Let’s start with the right side first. Activate the Shift Keystone and enter the magenta portal with Wyldstyle. Use her Relic Finder on the pink glow.
  • Next, use Batman to target the Orange Handle through the blue portal. Push the LEGO object toward the wall until it tips over, then enter the magenta portal again to push the box all the way off the track. Build the new hopping bricks to destroy the first quarter of the palace.
  • Still on the right, use Batman on the Grapple Point and activate the Scale Keystone, then move to the left side of the fortress. Press the red button at the end of the simple Scale puzzle to find an Elemental Keystone! Turn it on, and return to the starting point.
  • Move toward the foreground from the starting point to find a wall of fire. Use the water element to put the fires out and activate the Nature Spot further ahead to reveal a Finder Keystone. Use it! There goes another chunk of the foundation.
  • Around the central foundation forcefield, there are three pink glows. Use Wyldstyle to locate all three Choma pads and construct them. In the back left corner, use Wyldstyle on the Master Build marker to get the Chroma code: purple left, red center, orange right.
  • But there’s no Chroma Keystone! Return to the Elemental Keystone and activate it, then go to the LEGO acrobatic walls to the left of Vortech’s throne. Melt the ice with the fire element, jump up with Wyldstyle, across the poles, and melt the ice up here too. Now you have the Chroma Keystone! Complete it and you’ll only have one more puzzle to go.
  • In the back-right corner, grab one hand-hold with Wyldstyle, then the other with Gandalf or Batman. Use Gandalf to light the dark area and smash the object inside. Build it to summon GlaDOS and destroy another section of the foundation.

Final Face-Off

[ul][li]This is it. The final showdown against Lord Vortech. Stay out of the center

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