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Stardew Valley Fan Earns 1 Million Gold Without Leaving Farm


Stardew Valley player managed to earn more than a million gold without ever actually leaving their farm.

A user on Reddit revealed they’d earned more than 1,000,000g  without ever leaving the farm and showed off several different images of their playthrough. According to the post, they finished their objective on Spring 10, Year 6. They noted in the comments that they were able to get certain seeds thanks to mixed seeds, and that their Fishing and Combat skills never went above zero. They’re not the only one to accomplish this task either. earlier this year, another user on Reddit revealed they’d also earned more than a million gold without ever leaving their farm. As such, the achievement is really more like a bona fide challenge for lovers of the series. What makes this particularly impressive is that no one I could find managed to finish the challenge this early in their playthrough.

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I did it! 1 Million g without ever leaving the farm!
byu/Watchingpornwithcas inStardewValley

Developed by ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley released in 2016. A farming simulator, the title has a massive fanbase thanks in large part to its satisfying game loop and deep lore. I’ve put hundreds of hours into the game, and despite the difficulty of such a challenge, I can totally understand why someone might try and earn a bunch of gold without leaving their farm. There’s something about accomplishing such a difficult task in a game you love that just feels satisfying. Props to everyone who’s pulled this off.

ConcernedApe’s next game will be Haunted Chocolatier, which does not have an official release date at the time of this article’s writing. However, earlier this month, the developer released a screenshot from Haunted Chocolatier that’s had fans speculating the game might have a direct and potentially shocking connection to Stardew Valley.

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