Starfield, Bethesda, release date, 2022, Jeff Grubb, E3

Bethesda Game Studios’ long-awaited single-player sci-fi RPG, Starfield, might be heading for a Q1 2022 launch, according to VentureBeat reporter and reliable insider Jeff Grubb. In a Kinda Funny Gamescast video posted last week, Grubb and Kinda Funny Games’ Blessing Adeoye Jr. had an exchange regarding when they expected the game to launch. The VentureBeat reporter followed up the conversation on Twitter yesterday, suggesting that Starfield is indeed heading for a Q1 2022 release.

Grubb’s Starfield release window reporting follows another report of his from last week, where he narrowed down the game’s platforms. Though many have hoped to play the game on a PlayStation console, Grubb took to Twitter to say that Microsoft’s current plan is to bring the game exclusively to Xbox and PC.

Starfield saw its official unveiling at E3 2018, but Bethesda has zipped its lips since then. Now, almost three years later, fans are hoping to finally see something substantial this year. With this year’s online-only E3 less than one month away, whether we’ll get that Q1 2022 release window or any information at all remains to be announced.

In fact, Bethesda’s E3 plans haven’t been revealed quite yet. Bethesda’s E3 presence usually sees it hosting its own separate press conference, but with the company now under the Microsoft umbrella, presentations going forward may be a bit different than what we’re used to.

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