The Super Mario Bros Movie release date pushed forward two days Wednesday, April 5, 2023 US 60+ other markets internationally Japan the same April 28

If you are absolutely desperate to watch The Super Mario Bros Movie, then you will be happy to hear that Nintendo and Illumination have pushed the release date forward two days to Wednesday, April 5, 2023 in the US and 60+ other markets internationally. Otherwise, the film will still release on April 28 in Japan, and it will come to other markets across April and May. No explanation was given for the release date shift forward, but it’s speculated this will help the film capitalize on young people’s “spring breaks.”

Regardless of when its release date is, The Super Mario Bros Movie has received a hefty marketing push already from Nintendo and Illumination. There have been posters released for each major character in the movie, as well as a beautiful main poster including everyone. There have also been several trailers, the first of which began with just a tease of the threat Bowser will pose, but then the second trailer spilled the beans by revealing probably too much of the movie. McDonald’s also released a wave of toys for the movie that you could buy last month, since the film was originally supposed to release in December 2022.

Nintendo and Illumination still aren’t done spoiling the movie either, as one more trailer is coming in a Nintendo Direct format for March 9. If you want to actually be surprised while watching The Super Mario Bros Movie on its new April 5 release date, then the time is probably now to stop watching teasers and trailers.

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