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Hunt down every last collectible in Little Nightmares with The Escapist’s complete guide, covering locations for all the lights, statues, and Nomes you’ll need.

There are three types of collectible in Little Nightmares, and each is “collected” in its own unique way. Lighting lanterns with your lighter, hugging tiny Nomes, or smashing statues — whatever the case, we’ve got detailed descriptions to help you find each and every one.

Grabbing these collectibles will unlock three achievements / trophies — “Little Lost Things”, “Rascal” and “Light Up Your Life”. In addition, finding collectibles will unlock all the grotesque concept art in the Extras menu. It’s worth checking out!

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All Nomes, Lights & Statues Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are three types of collectibles in Little Nightmares — Nomes, Lights and Statues. To collect Nomes, find the small hat-wearing creatures and pick them up. To collect statues, pick up the strange black statues and throw them. Lights are the most obvious — stand near a candle or lantern with your lighter active.

NOTE: To unlock the “Light Up Your Life” achievement / trophy, you do not need to light every light in the game.

Chapter 1

  • Light #1: Just as Six wakes up from her mattress, move right to find this metal lantern before the vent.
  • Statue #1: Up a long set of stairs, the camera will pan back and show the vastness of the gap in the distance. At the top of the steps, move further right until you reach an alcove in the back of the room. The first statue is located there.
  • Nome #1: In the area with the tall refrigerator, you’ll need to pull open the door and climb up using the shelves. Before climbing up, go right to find a hole in the wall. There’s a Nome through the vent.
  • Light #2: Light the lantern in this optional room and you’ll be able to hug the lonely Nome inside.
  • Light #3: After dropping into the dark chamber with the black slime and giant slugs, you’ll escape by pushing the wooden door down. After jumping the gap, look in the background for another lantern before climbing up.
  • Light #4: Climb the long tied rope later. At the top, you’ll squeeze through the bars and drop into the next room. There’s a lantern against the back wall.
  • Light #5: In the main prison area, sprint by the eye’s light that turns Six to stone. On the right side, you’ll be able to climb on two shelves with a lantern on the second. Right next to the cages you can climb up.
  • Nome #2: In the same prison area, climb up the cages. At the top, don’t jump onto the upper floor walkway — instead, go right then drop down onto a previously unreachable platform. Crawl through the hole hidden in the cage to find a lantern and a Nome in the store room.
  • Light #6: This lantern is in the second Nome’s lair. Light the lantern to hug the second little guy.
  • Statue #2: Back in the prison area (with the stone eye) — climb to the second floor using the stacked cages and run left to a creepy prison cell with black ink scribbling. The statue is in the corner of the cell.
  • Light #7: Climbing up higher in the prison, you’ll reach a block of cages hanging from a chain that swings left / right. Before jumping on this platform, light the lantern.
  • Nome #3: When Six jumps to the power switch and shuts off the electricity to the bars, squeeze into the room on the left. Before pushing the weight, look to the left for a cage with a Nome. Pull it open and the Nome will run away. Follow it into the room with the power switch on the right. He’s hiding in the tiny corner between the wall and the filing cabinet.
  • Light #8: Right next to the Nome cage, light up the lantern before travelling down.

Chapter 2

  • Nome #1: At the very start of the chapter, climb the stairs and enter the first door on the right. There’s a small optional office here. Jump on the chair and the Nome will scurry away. Grab the chair and pull / push it on the floor tile marked with black slime to reveal a hidden room on the right. Scare the Nome out from behind the shelf, chase him under the desk and up the stairs to finally hug him.
  • Light #1: In the office where the Nome appeared under the desk, climb up on the desk to light the lantern.
  • Statue #1: Inside the creepy bedroom, you’ll reach a toilet and sink against the back wall. Go to the right corner and pull down the folding bed, then climb up to the high cabinet with the key on the desk below. Jump onto the cabinet on the left of the desk, then to the high shelf with the toilet paper. There’s a tiny statue on the shelf.
  • Light #2: Later in the chapter, Six gets captured. Break out of the cage, then squeeze through the crack on the left. There’s a lantern immediately available.
  • Light #3: Continue on until the door behind you slams shut. Climb up the grating on the door and the wooden beams, up through a hole in the floor. Jump into the room and light the candle near the bathtub.
  • Light #4: While escaping from the long-armed creature, you’ll crawl through the vents until you drop into a small area with a brown piece of luggage and a lantern against the back wall.
  • Nome #2: In the same area, instead of using the luggage to re-enter the vents, look in the back-right corner. There’s a ladder. Climb up and enter the vent at the top. The Nome is up in this optional room.
  • Statue #2: Taking the elevator up, enter the room on the right with the crate full of letter blocks. Push the crate and drop through the loose floorboard. Go to the back of the area under the floor (where the creature is lurking above) — move right and to the far back wall to get the statue.
  • Nome #3: In the library with the tall stacks of books, crawl under the desk on the right side to spook a Nome. It will run to the left side of the room. Find him hiding behind the stack of books.
  • Light #5: Climb up the shelves to the right. On the platform, before jumping to the hanging piano, light the candle in the corner.
  • Light #6: In the library area where the long-armed creature stalks, immediately climb the books near the entrance. On the shelves above, you’ll be able to spot a high candle.
  • Light #7: On the lowest rung of the middle shelves, in the room where the long-armed enemy stalks. You can light it when you’re running back through the room later.
  • Light #8: Back in the vents, you’ll come across a lantern among the many pipes. This is right before you enter the area with the arms reaching through the holes in the vent shaft.

Chapter 3

  • Statue #1: Early in the chapter, in the room with the wrapped-up bundles in metal containers, you’ll need to push the metal lid to create a ramp. Move right, and after dropping down, look to the left. There’s a hidden hole that leads into an under-path. The vents lead to a room with a statue.
  • Light #1: High up, in the bathroom with the twin toilets. Climb the toilets and jump to the shelf on the left to find this candle.
  • Nome #1: After pulling the key from the hanger in the bedroom, the second chef will wake up and leave. Take the key and backtrack into the bathroom before riding the elevator — there’s a nome in the back-left corner.
  • Nome #2: Taking the key back down the elevator, go into the pantry on the left. Grab the jittering jar and throw it to break the glass open, revealing a hidden Nome.
  • Light #2: In the room with the sausage maker, take the dumbwaiter up into the meat freezer. To the right of the trap door, jump up into the open vent and crawl into an optional room. The lantern is in the foreground.
  • Statue #2: In the same optional room as the lantern, the statue is in the right-foreground corner.
  • Nome #3: After returning to the room with the sausage maker, look under the table with the machine to find a Nome hiding in the darkness.
  • Light #3: Entering a room where the chef tears into a hunk of meat with its bare hands, climb the table on the right side and climb all the way up. There’s a candle on the highest shelf.
  • Statue #3: When Six falls down the garbage chute, look in the front-left corner of the disposal area to find a statue in the darkness.

Chapter 4

  • Nome #1: At the beginning of the chapter, go into the room to the left of where you start. There’s a Nome just waiting for a hug.
  • Light #1: Next to the Nome, in the hidden room to the left of the start of Chapter 4.
  • Nome #2: In the feast area, you’ll need to walk across the table and avoid the hungry hands of the guests. Before attempting that tricky area, look to the right on the ground. Move the stool to find a hidden passage into an optional room with this Nome.
  • Light #2: In the same optional room with the Nome.
  • Statue #1: While moving across the rooms using the ceiling pipes, you’ll cross the chef cutting more food for the guests below. Run to the right end of the pipe and drop onto the table below to reach this statue in the elevator hallway.
  • Nome #3: Ride up the elevator from the previous statue collectible. On the upper floor, look to the left. The doors are slightly open. Squeeze through the crack and enter the room with the sleeping guest. There’s a huggable Nome waiting inside.
  • Nome #4: Later in the chapter, Six will attack a Nome and consume it. This Nome can’t be missed.
  • Statue #2: Right after you eat the final Nome, climb up the ladder to get a view of the Maw’s caretaker enter the lift ahead. From the top of the ladder, go left to find the last hidden statue of the chapter.

Chapter 5

  • Statue #1: After breaking the vase in the bedroom and collecting the key, backtrack into the room on the right. There’s a statue next to the broken mirror where the caretaker used to be. Climb up using the chair and smash the final statue.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Little Lost Things:
    Kindness will be your undoing.
  • Rascal:
    Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast.
  • Light Up Your Life:
    Not all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe!

That’s all the collectibles available in Little Nightmares. Need any help? Drop us a comment!

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