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How to Reach Max Cap Fast in Warcraft Rumble (Guide)

While progressing through Warcraft Rumble, it’s only natural that you’d gain some levels and beef up your army of units over time. But if you fancy learning the most efficient ways to get stronger, here’s a Warcraft Rumble level guide to help you reach max cap fast.

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Warcraft Rumble Level Guide: Tips & Strategies to Level Fast

In Warcraft Rumble, there are two leveling mechanisms you must progress to unlock features and grow your army: Unit and Account level. Basically, completing campaign missions, quests, and dungeons will net you XP to slowly improve your Account level. Units that participate in these activities will accrue XP as a reward, bolstering their offensive and defensive capabilities.

With that in mind, the best way to level fast initially in Warcraft Rumble is progressing through campaign missions. You’ll receive a substantial amount of XP (and Gold needed to buy units) for doing them, plus it’s essentially required to unlock necessary features like dungeons and the GRID system. Alongside finishing campaign missions, you could buy XP tomes with Gold and pop into PvP matches to accumulate more experience. 

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Later, when you’ve cleared most campaign missions and run into challenging battles you can’t complete, dungeon runs through Dire Maul, Deadmines, and Blackfathom Deeps will help rank up your Minis and Account level. Specifically, you’ll receive Valor as a reward from dungeons to enhance the attributes of your army’s Leader.

Also, don’t forget to use the GRID system. With it, you can unlock Talents and buy new Minis. It’s also possible to reshuffle the GRID system for ten Gold, but I’d advise against doing so initially and instead recommend waiting for the 24-hour refresh. From here, you can also purchase the Gems necessary to level up Minis and Talents.

Considering all these features, always do content in Warcraft Rumble that allows you to keep progressing – whether improving Minis or your Account level – and don’t willy-nilly spend Gold left and right. Even though it’s a mobile game, the challenge does ramp up, so strategically use your time and resources to better your army when possible. Balancing your progress is crucial. To that same point, dailies are limited quests you should keep in mind to boost your XP gains. 

So, while using the GRID system, prioritize campaign missions until you hit progression roadblocks, then move over to dungeons, PvP matches, or purchase XP tomes to grind levels needed to keep going. In time, you’ll get the hang of all this to level fast and efficiently. 

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