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Weirdest Armored Core 6 Paint Jobs


Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon straps you into a giant mech and lets you blast living daylights of a host of other mechanical powerhouses. But you’ve got quite a lot of say in the kind of mech you end up piloting. Not only can you decide what parts your machine has, you can even give it a custom paint job with decals and more. And that’s precisely what a lot of players have been doing. They’ve been posting their creations on Twitter and Reddit, so I’ve rounded up the weirdest Armored Core 6 paint jobs, which will perhaps inspire you to make your own oddball creation.

The Eight Weirdest Armored Core 6 Mech Designs and Paint Jobs

1. Kirby

My girlfriend had the the idea, behold our magnum opus
by u/Aromatic_Assist_3825 in ArmoredCoreVI

Ever wonder what would happen if Kirby swallowed a giant mech? Me neither, but Aromatic_Assist_3825 has come up with the result, and it’s pretty damn awesome. Now if only he could run around sucking in other Cores….

2. Power Rangers’ Dino Megazord

Augmented mercenaries with attitude
by u/Air-__- in ArmoredCoreVI

Okay, maybe Voltron did it first, but this Power Rangers Dino Megazord paint job is pretty spectacular. It’s the work of Redditor Air-__- and, in the series at least, is the result of all Power Rangers merging their vehicles. They’ve put a hell of a lot of work into getting it just right and ended up using forty decals on the legs, just to get it right.

3. Karl Havoc

There’s too much fucking shit on me I can’t Sortie
by u/reckonre in ArmoredCoreVI

If you’re wondering who the hell Karl Havoc is, then you absolutely need to binge I Think You Should Leave, Tim Robinson’s Netflix comedy sketch show. This is a horrifying recreation of in-series comedian Carmine Laguzio, covered in so much prosthetic make-up in padding that he can’t breathe.

4. Ronald MechDonald

Would you like fries with that drip.
by u/darkcaretaker in ArmoredCoreVI

What better way to advertise your brand than by slapping its logo on a giant, stomping flying mech? This McDonalds mech, from Redditor DarkCaretaker, explores the possibilities of corporate Core sponsorship and I’m honestly surprised this isn’t already a thing in in the Armored Core universe.

5. Krillin

It’s Kriller time!
by u/JTitor00 in ArmoredCoreVI

This Dragonball Z mech really is Krillin it (sorry). The lack of in-game wigs means that Goku is pretty much out but JTitor00 has turned the show’s balding badass into a giant mech, which is a real accomplishment in itself.

6. Wall-E

Wall-E, now with 50% more war crimes!
by u/TexasTheWalkerRanger in ArmoredCoreVI

Meet Wall-E, the cutest little murdermech. Okay, he’s been working out a little, thanks to Redditor TexasTheWalkerRanger, but I’m sure there’s a very low chance of him just rolling over a mountain of skulls in his track treads.

7. Death Egg Robot

by u/KayRadley in ArmoredCoreVI

When it comes to building giant mech suits, Sonic the Hedgehog’s Dr. Eggman is way ahead of the pack. And thanks to KayRadley, you can stomp around in one of his finest creations.

8. Planet Express

She’s built like a steakhouse but she handles like a bistro
by u/MattChew160 in ArmoredCoreVI

Good news, everyone! Thanks to Redditor MattChew160, you can head into battle as the Planet Express from the recently revived Futurama. Just don’t let Zoidberg anywhere near the controls.

Those, then, are the weirdest Armored Core 6 mech paint jobs. And if you need help keeping your mech in one piece, check out our guides and coverage.

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