Hogwarts Legacy wand options

In Hogwarts Legacy, you start with a borrowed wand but, when you get far enough into the game, you get to choose and customize your own. One of the options you can change is wand flexibility. But what does wand flexibility do in Hogwarts Legacy?

Wand flexibility in Hogwarts Legacy has two meanings, but your choice is cosmetic only. It doesn’t affect how the game plays.

When you get a wand from Ollivanders, you can change the way it looks. You can alter wood type, length, and other things. There is also a special slider that changes flexibility, from Quite Bendy all the way through to Unyielding. You could take flexibility to mean how floppy or otherwise a wand is. But there is also another meaning.

The Wizarding World website says that “wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair.” That suggests if a wizard or witch picks up an unyielding wand that belongs to someone else it will not obey them, or that the owner is particularly stubborn.

However, in the game, flexibility is a cosmetic option that does not affect how the game plays at all. If you know your Harry Potter lore, it will mean something to you. But apart from that, wand flexibility does not matter.

So, wand flexibility does nothing gameplay wise in Hogwarts Legacy — it is cosmetic only.

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