What Is The Max Level in Redfall?

Redfall is an action-RPG by Arkane Studios about hunting vampires who’ve taken over a tourist trap in Massachusetts. While you’re taking out cultists, raiding cupboards and selling loot, you gain levels to improve your skills. But what’s the max level characters can reach in Redfall?

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Top of My Game: The Redfall Level Cap

At the start of Redfall, when you select a hero to play, you’ll be able to see that the level cap is 40, as seen in the screengrab below. It’s one of several stats that gets tracked in the character selection screen, alongside mission completion.What is the Max Level in Redfall?

In practice, levels don’t come easily. Individual cultists and even vampires are only worth 25 – 40 experience points, and it usually takes a few thousand XP to level up. A thorough, completionist player who’s done most or all of the side missions and optional content in Redfall at launch will probably be around level 23 or 24 when they finish the main story. It would take a lot of repetitive farming to get much higher than that.

Once you’ve cleared the last mission, you have the option to start the game over with your levels, gear, and collectible progress intact. You’ll be returned to the crashed ferry in Redfall Commons at the start of the story and can go through it again to push out the rest of the levels.

That being said, Redfall doesn’t have an achievement or any particular reward for hitting level 40, at least not that I’m aware of at time of writing.

Each level in Redfall awards you a single skill point. Several individual skills also require you to be a specific level before you can purchase them. However, by the time you’ve accumulated enough points, that’s a problem that’s more or less solved itself. You can also respec your skills in any safe zone, such as the Fire Station, for a small cost in Supplies once you’ve reached level 10.

In summary: you can hit a max of level 40 in Redfall, but it’s almost impossible to do so in a single playthrough, so the most efficient way to do so is to run through the campaign more than once.

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