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What Titanfall 2’s Latest Major Update Did

A pilot and their Titan in Titanfall 2
A pilot and their Titan in Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 has had it rough over the last few years. From being overshadowed by its more popular sibling, Apex Legends,to an infestation of hackers, Respawn’s cult-classic shooter has struggled to maintain its presence amongst players. Yet that run of bad luck may be turning around after a recent update, quietly released over eight years since the game’s launch, has fixed many of the game’s lingering issues. Players have taken to thanking the unknown janitor at the development studio that’s been burning the midnight oil to patch Titanfall 2, because the game is back in a big way. So what exactly did the latest update do? If you’re wondering what exactly the latest update for Titanfall 2 did and added, then we’ve got you covered.

What Titanfall 2’s Latest Update Fixed

The biggest fix to Titanfall 2 is in relation to server stability, which was rocked in 2021 due to an onslaught of DDoS attacks that were allegedly committed by disgruntled Titanfall players hoping to attract Respawn’s attention. The problem was so severe that it became almost impossible to play a complete match without someone remotely accessing your PC, which obviously posed a huge security threat. Since only “one or two” developers were assigned to the task of fixing Titanfall 2, many fans wrote it off entirely as a lost cause. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case as the servers have been patched with updated security measures, meaning players can blast away Grunts all night long and not have to worry about a peevish hacker waiting to pounce.

Beyond the servers, several bugged out-of-bounds areas have been fixed meaning campers looking to abuse a glitch in Titanfall 2 will no longer be able to hide away with no consequences. Each of the altered spots is now marked with a Nessie plush, the adorable mascot of Wattson from Apex Legends that’s become a kind of symbol for the entire franchise. Private matches have also been taken out of beta, meaning that a feature that has been in development for years is now fully operational and a wealth of game modes have been added to multiplayer playlists. The final major improvement comes in the form of new weapons and rotating loadouts in the 1v1 Coliseum mode.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be Titanfall 2 if players weren’t also anticipating Titanfall 3. The recent surge in support for the 2016 game has fans speculating that a threequel may finally be on the way despite Respawn insisting that it has no plans to develop Titanfall 3. To make matters even more conspiratorial, the patch notes for the recent Harbinger Collection Event in Apex Legends hide a secret message for those in the know:

Incoming Transmission…. Subject: Nessie….




Diehard fans quickly figured out that the string of numbers actually represented the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. What could this mean for the future? I have no idea, all I know is that Titanfall 2 is back, and we should enjoy it while it lasts!

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