Here is where to find the Dark Arts Battle Arena location in Hogwarts Legacy, so you can go wild with Unforgivable Curses.

To many longtime Harry Potter series fans, there’s something alluring about the Dark Arts. Whether it’s the curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, the cruel curiosity of the Unforgivable Curses, or the intrigue of life as a Death Eater, many Hogwarts Legacy players will be embracing their inner Voldemort and choosing to pursue the more sinister side of magic. One way these players will get to engage in the Dark Arts is through the Dark Arts Arena, a special battlefield that embraces dark arts duels. Let’s discuss where players can find the Dark Arts Battle Arena location in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here Is Where to Find the Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy (in the Deluxe Edition)

Unfortunately, the Dark Arts Battle Arena has cast a little dark magic around itself, making it unplayable unless you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy. But those who have this version of the game will be able to engage in the five-round arena challenge taking on a host of monsters, goblins, and dark wizards and witches. And if you don’t have this version of the game, don’t worry. You can still purchase it separately by buying the “Dark Arts Pack” DLC for $19.99.

Once you have all the prerequisites, you can find the Dark Arts Battle Arena in the Forbidden Forest, which should be marked on their maps close to the forest’s southern Floo Flame fast travel location. It’s also north of Hogwarts. Upon arrival, players will see a winged statue that marks the arena’s entrance, though before they start battling, they’ll have to solve a few puzzles first.

First, look for a collection of vases near the entrance, which you can highlight by using the Revelio spell. Take out the vases with damage spells, and the statue will open its wings and reveal the path forward.

Once you enter, there will be no time to waste, as you’ll immediately be confronted with an army of dark arts enemies, but you’ll now notice you will be able to fling Unforgivable Curses and other high-powered attacks your way, even if you don’t have access to those spells yet. So get ready to cast Avada Kedavra and company, breaking spells and taking out enemies with the full power of the Dark Arts at the tip of your wand.

If you are more excited about fighting dark witches and wizards and want to use your own spell combos, you can still alter your spell palette to your preferred collection of curses, but keep in mind removing any Unforgivable Spells you don’t know from the palette will mean you can no longer use them during the battle.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find the Dark Arts Battle Arena location in Hogwarts Legacy.

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