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Where Sabine Wren Got Her Green Lightsaber in Ahsoka

Sabine Wren with a green lightsaber in Ahsoka

Ahsoka‘s Sabine Wren is pretty handy with her green lightsaber. She’s not been dismembering bad guys every episode, but she’s still put it good to use. However, you might wondering, just where did Sabrine Wren get her green lighsaber in Ahsoka? Here’s the spoiler-heavy answer.

Where Sabine Wren Got Her Lightsaber in Star Wars: Ahsoka


Sabine Wren didn’t get her green lightsaber by cold-cocking Luke Skywalker and stealing it. He’s still got his. Instead, the lighsaber she uses in Ahsoka belonged to her fellow Rebel and friend, Ezra Bridger, which is one of the reasons she’s still hanging onto it. Bridger had the lightsaber during the series finale of Star Wars Rebels, just before he went to confront Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, instead of hanging onto it and divorcing Thrawn’s head from his neck, since the odds are against him, he handed the lightsaber to the team’s droid, Chopper.

Why did he hand it over? Because he wasn’t exactly planning on coming back. Onboard Thrawn’s Star Destroyer, it’s revealed the team had summoned the Purrgil, the hyperspace-capable space whales seen in Ahsoka. The beasts dragged Thrawn and his vessels into hyperspace, marooning them. But Bridger stuck around to make sure that Thrawn didn’t make a last minute escape. He ended up being transported away as well.

Meanwhile, Sabine, Hera and the rest of the Rebels are took down the Imperial Command Centre. They succeeded, and when they needed to make a last minute escape, Chopper gave Sabine Ezra’s lightsaber. She used it to break some windows, and the team exited before the whole base was destroyed. Ahsoka sort of undoes Rebels‘ epilogue, but the lightsaber is still in Sabine’s hands by the time Ahsoka starts. Her best friend is gone but holding onto it is a way of remembering him.

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Where Did Ezra Bridger Get the Lightsaber?

Originally, Bridger had a less conventional-looking blue lightsaber. That was destroyed in a duel with Darth Vader on Malachor. He then went on to build a new, green one, the one Sabine has in Ahsoka. Rebels doesn’t really explore how he built his new one, though knowing Lucasfilm there’s a two-hour Disney+ special in the works showing exactly how it happened.

What is clear is that Sabine has made some modifications to the lightsaber, making it as much hers as it was Ezra’s. So she knew she wasn’t going to be handing it back any time soon. And that’s where Sabine Wren got the green lightsaber she has in Star Wars: Ahsoka.

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