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Where to Spend Hertareum and Shield Currencies in Honkai: Star Rail

Where to spend Hertareum and Shield Currencies in Honkai: Star Rail

The many different resources and systems in Honkai: Star Rail means it can be tricky to keep track of where you spend what currency and what you can get for each. In particular, the currencies for the local stores in the main map locations can be easy to overlook. There are a bunch of useful items to buy with Hertareum and Shield currencies in Honkai: Star Rail, so let’s dive in.

Here’s Where You Can Spend Hertareum and Shield Currencies in Honkai: Star Rail

Hertareum is the first currency you’ll gain while playing as it’s the world currency for the Herta Space Station where you begin your journey. You’ll also come back regularly for quests and to complete Simulated Universes. To spend Hertareum, make your way to the Master Control Zone in the Herta Space Station and teleport to the Central Passage waypoint. Once there, you’ll see an NPC named Wen Shiqi just in front of you to your left. They’re who you’ll want to talk to.

Where to spend Hertareum and Shield Currencies in Honkai: Star Rail - Hertareum Vendor Location

Hertareum vendor location.

Asking Wen what they have for sale will grant access to the shop menu. One of the best things to grab early on is the Musketeer’s 4-star relic set, as it’s hard to come by relics early on in the game. Besides, this set is actually pretty damn good, enhancing attack damage and speed stats for the character wearing it. You can also buy a Shadow of Destruction, which enhances your main character’s Destruction Eidolon for a big boost.

Wen Shiqi, the Hertareum vendor in Honkai: Star Rail.

Wen also offers bonus rewards on the left hand side of the screen, so keep an eye out. After spending certain amounts of Hertareum, you’ll net some pretty sweet rewards. The rest of the items available (Light Cones and Traces) are useful for leveling up characters, so it is always good to pick these up when you can.

The next stop is a bit further into the game on a planet called Jarilo-VI. You’ll have to progress through the story until you gain access to the underground area, Boulder Town. If you take the waypoint to the Goethe Grand Hotel, just ahead of you to your right you’ll find the NPC Lauder. Talk to Lauder and access their store to spend your Shield, which is the currency on Jarilo-VI.

Where to spend Hertareum and Shield Currencies in Honkai: Star Rail - Shield Vendor Location

Shield vendor location.

This store functions the same way as the one on the Herta Space Station: spend your shield and claim rewards as you go. Again, you’ll want to prioritize the 4-star Relic set first as it will be incredibly useful to have another fully geared damage-dealing character on the team. You’ll also gain access to another Shadow of Destruction to further boost the Trailblazer’s Destruction Eidolon. After that you can buy the rest of the leveling materials.

Lauder, the Shield vendor in Honkai: Star Rail.

That covers it for where you can go to spend your Hertareum and Shield currencies in Honkai: Star Rail and what you should prioritize picking up with them. They’re a great source early on in the game to get a power boost and some extra materials to make things a little easier!

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