Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?
Yes I most certainly would!
60.2% (606)
60.2% (606)
No...just no.
21.5% (217)
21.5% (217)
Bacon (because bacon)
17.7% (178)
17.7% (178)
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Poll: Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?

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I don't think opposite-gender me and my current self would go all the way...but we would likely go into business together by starting up our very own BDSM website or, contributing to one of the clips websites. What?! Don't look at me like that! Money is good and I can't think of an easier (or a more entertaining way) to get some than by those means!

I would love to become business partners with opposite gender me.

Imagine the possibilities...

Aris Khandr:
Right now, I'm the only one who voted no. So yay me!

I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to sleep with a male version of myself? Would a male version of me even be interested, or would he be gay too?

''Hello, I am homosexual and thus this wording does not apply to me, nonetheless I will not consider working with the situation that would apply to me or simply saying nothing.

In other words:



No, we would probably end up killing each other.

That ugly broad? Hell no. Too many things in common. Besides, she's really annoying.

...Well, maybe after few drinks.

Fuck no. I'd be horrible in the bed.

Yes please

I was told I looked like an ugly girl when I had long hair, so I don't think it would be a good thing to behold.

"To love oneself is the begining of a life-long romance"
- Oscar Wilde

Yes, I belive I would. I know what I'm like after all and also what I like, so if nothing else it's fairly practical. ^^

Hell i'd have sex with any version of me.

Since I'm not very fond of my own body, probably not. I just don't find myself attractive.

It'd look like me, I don't find myself particularly attractive. So no, I wouldn't.

God yes. Anyone who even remotely knows me will realize that nobody loves me more than I do.

I had a friend who basically was the female version of myself, same thought process, same likes/dislikes, same personality and even looked alike. We constantly got asked if we were twins. Then, after no, they would ask if we were dating and we said no again. I don't think dating (and therefore, having sex) with someone like you is a great idea. Her and I talked about this, shouldn't the other person complete you? 'Cause otherwise you would both get bored quickly...

Ewww, no!

For one thing, it'd feel like incest. For another, I've got a girlfriend already.

Ironically, said girlfriend is ALMOST a female version of me. We have VERY similar tastes, likes and dislikes, and thought processes. Although we look nothing like each other. :P

But then, I would have sex with a same-sex version of myself. Especially past versions of me. There was a buff version and an anorexic version. I'd love to see them go at it. But current fat me would probably just have to watch and fap :(

Yup, we'd most certainly get married.

I like who I am as a person, and no one understands me better than myself. The only 'problem' is that our lives would be crazy boring since neither of us have any sense of adventure or change.

Definitly, but mayby that's just because noone else would. And if it didn't work out, I'd atleast have a bass-player for my band.

I'm both disgusted and intrigued by the idea...
I guess I would.

What? Why??? No!

Thats just... weird.
No, I certainly wouldn't.

I can't imagine myself as a guy.

Besides I'm not really like that. Me and Boy-Me would just sit around being sarcastic to each other. And then fight to the death.

There can be only ONE.

Why not? I really dont have anything better to do.

Sure, no one knows my genitals better than myself

I do hope you dont mean my SISTER young man!

hmm... I would probably be too distracted talking to her to even entertain the idea of sex. I have about 50 billion different ideas, so if she has the same ones floating around in her noggin' too... that'll help me figure out if any of my ideas are actually good or not.

And considering how much I entertain myself, having two of me around would be twice as awesome - so hey, I'm gonna enjoy myself even if we never hook up (considering my 'amazing' ability at picking up women... odds are I'd need a Wingman to help pick up myself. That'll be fun.)

Rule 34b: You exist, therefor, someone wants to fuck you.

If he was an exact clone of me then we'd be a perfect couple because although we would both be paranoid we would know full well that we could trust ourselves :3

We could spend all our time together playing games and reading and go out partying...ahh it would be wonderful!

And since I have pretty big boobs for my height/weight I imagine he'd be pretty big too, ifyaknowwhatImean ;)

Shame this is hypothetical...

Whoa, no. No no no no.
I'm not so much of a narcissist to engage in a relationship with myself.

I'm not even sure I'd want another me around, female or no. One is more than enough for this world.

Urgh, that's just what the world needs. Another annoying fat chick.

I wouldn't, no. For one, both of us would view it as sort of a pathetic type of masturbatory aide. Better to have sex with other people. Secondly, my sister and I are very similar in looks. A female version of myself would look like my sister, minus a few freckles on her face. Not going to tap that. :(

Also, I posit a female version of myself would, over time, diverge from my own personality in slight ways.

If someone suddenly used a magic spell and said "here, this is you, only we swapped out your Y chromosome with another X", I'd be a bit freaked out.

However, if faced with a girl that was extremely similar to me personality-wise, were on the same place on the scale with me in terms of looks, and had very similar opinions to mine? Hell yeah I'd hit that.

But since the question isn't really all that clear I voted bacon.

Well I guess I most definitely would I mean they would be your perfect partner I mean you'd have everything in common would never run out of things to talk about, you'd have the perfect partner :)

dating a female version of myself is just like dating my sister and that would suck.

That's what she said! I'm sorry.

OT: Yes, why not. At lest someone would want me...

I said yes but in retrospect, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

Must kill other-self....

Of course I would, the perfect partner.

OP measuring if having sex with your opposite sex twin sister/brother with the results of the pole should not be used as justifcation.

Hehe sorry bro :P but yeah um... no would just be to weird opposites attract and all that.

Dirty Hipsters:
Of course I would, and we would consummate our love on a bed of bacon.

My god!! You are exactly like me!!.... Are you female? Because if you are, then I've found my gender opposite!!

If not, then....well, I've found my Best Friend for life.

Hmmm... who'd lead? I'm rather indecisive and only take control when I have to. Awkward moments lead to great memories though, I suppose.

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