What series did you like that had a dissappointing ending?
Harry Potter
12.5% (7)
12.5% (7)
The Matrix
85.7% (48)
85.7% (48)
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Poll: Crapy Endings to Beloved Series

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Battlestar Galactica.

New one not older one.

It had happy and sad bits and made me shed manly tears .... how dare it.

That wasn't the disappointing part though .... I still don't know what the flaming feth Starbuck was supposed to be after the whole finding her corpse type thing.

Did it explain it ... NO ... she just vanishes.

Starbuck was

I never really cared for the ending of the TV show "Angel".

That wasn't entirely their call, studio politics screwed them out of a sixth season at the last minute. They had enough of a warning to make Don't Fade Away the actual last episode, but since they knew they'd probably get the chance to keep it going in the comics they decided to leave it open, and give it a hell of an atypical finale as well.

As with so many other people I thought the ending to the Matrix was a bit disappointing, but I actually liked Reloaded. Revolution's biggest problem beyond even the end was simply that it spend too much time in the real world, watching them shoot squids was cool but not nearly enough to make up half the movie. Enterprise had a pretty lame end too. It was an interesting concept but they bungled the execution of the story way, way too bad. And more then anything else I can't stand the entirety of Return of the Jedi, especially the end.

I guess there aren't really a lot of endings I don't like. I loved all the classic ones that people like to throw around like Lost, Battlestar, Harry Potter. Hell, I've never seen an episode of the Sopranos and I still absolutely love the last five or so minutes.

The 'ending' of stargate universe. it's mostly because the serie never ended but they cancelled the serie after the second season. The endings of SG-1 and Atlantis weren't great either but they atleast had an ending. Even though I love the series and have some episodes 4 times already.

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