Your current musical obsession!

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Enjoy...! :D

Well over the past month, XAMFM Radio (J-pop/K-pop etc)
The past week has been quite a bit of Tenacious D, Skillet and older good single songs such as I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin), The Pretender (Foo Fighters)

Most importantly though ...

Oh yeah.

I linked that s**t.


a little of this

a little of that

some of this

(about the last one not so much the political aspect more the "close to war" feeling)




Welcome. They really are awesome, aren't they?

I saw them live at Manchester a few months ago. As for the 'Scar Tissue' autobiography, it's very interesting, isn't it?

Yes, yes they are :D And yeah it really made me think of the band in a new way, brilliant read too.

I have a friend who used to listen to RHCP. He abandoned them in favor of jazz and hip hop. When we discussed music, he said that: Anthony Kiedis was a bad singer, that their songs were repetitive, and that the lyrics were meaningless.

As someone who's read the book, you're now gifted with insight into the lyrics of some of their best songs.

And what's your opinion on the new guitarist? While he's not John Frusciante, I think he has talent. He keeps up on stage well, and he supports Anthony vocally in the new album. His voice is quite different (visibly younger) and it really makes some of their songs that much more interesting.

Yeah man I agree. I preferred John, Josh is more of a textural player, but, apparently contrary to popular opinion, I really like the new album and Josh is certainly no slouch, I also really like his collaborations with John, Omission is great.

I don't really get 'current music obsessions'. If I find a new artist I like it takes me awhile to slowly integrate them into my collection of music that I love.

That isn't to say I don't get obsessed with music bands/singers.

Laura Marling
Mumford & Sons
Bright Eyes

These four amoung a few others have been my main music interest for the last few years. They are also my favorite bands. They are the kind of bands that help get me through a week. I also have a profound love and respect for them.

I am seeing Laura Marling in concert in June! :) I am very excited as I have yet to see her in person yet.

Hi. My name is Rick, and I'm an aggrotech addict.

i honestly have just been listening to a bunch of relaxing music or classical, not sure who some of its by but still listening none the less

To name a few bands

I've gradually become a huge Psychedelic/Progressive Rock fan in the past 2 years. Currently, however, the song I've been listening to a lot is "Shangri-La" by ELO (Electric Lights Orchestra):

Okay i've quite liked ELO for a while but i had never heard them do such a beautiful song as that. I am in love! (And it seems i now need to search youtube for more of their songs.)

As for me it's not current but i just love Kokia! She has such a wonderful voice:

That's her with just a couple of rainshakers and drums for backing.

That's the song that first introduced me to her.

There she is in full opera mode.

And there's my personal favourite.





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